3.1 Pages and objects

Hollywood Designer uses a model which consists of pages with objects. Your project consists of an unlimited number of pages that consist of an unlimited number of objects. An object can be, for example, a text, a circle or an animation. Objects are the elementary parts of every project done with Hollywood Designer: You can play sounds through objects, you can execute custom code through objects and they are also used to monitor events.

Every object has its own layer and therefore it must have a visual representation. That is why there are no sound objects or code objects but only graphics objects with sound and/or graphics objects with code. If you just want to play a sound, you will have to do this through an object which has a visual representation. An exception is the action object. This is a special object which is not a real layer object but just an object that contains a number of action events which it executes.

When Designer shows a page, it will display its objects in the order they appear in the "script" listview in the object manager. Thus, objects that are at the top of that list will appear first and objects at the bottom of the list will appear last. Background objects are an exception; they will be drawn with the page because they are part of the page background so their position in the "script" listview actually doesn't matter at all. Note that the order of objects in the "script" listview doesn't reflect the objects' z-order. This can be controlled in the "layers" listview in the object manager. The "layers" listview reflects the z-order of a page's objects: Objects at the top of the listview appear behind objects at the bottom of the listview.

The pages of your project are shown in the page manager. You can view a page by selecting its item in the listview and you can also change the positions of the pages.

Hollywood Designer was conceptualized in a way that it needs to have all external data files in your project's drawer. This decision was taken because it is much easier for you now to move your object from one place to another if all data files are always together in the same place with the project.

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