1.7 Credits

The Hollywood Designer was written by Andreas Falkenhahn. The project was started on 12th of July 2003. Development was done using SAS/C 6.58 for the 68k and GCC 4.4.4 for the MorphOS version. Additionally the following tools were used for development: Cubic IDE, Directory Opus 4, PPaint 7, MuForce, CyberGraphX 4, MUI. Main development was done on an A1200 with a Phase5 Blizzard PPC 603 200Mhz with 68040 CPU as well as a Phase5 Bvision PPC graphics board and 82 megabytes of RAM.

Starting with Hollywood Designer 2.0, development is completely done on MorphOS on a Pegasos 2 with 1Ghz G4 CPU now.

Hollywood Designer has been extensively tested under CyberGraphX 3 and 4, Picasso96, AmigaOS4, MorphOS, DraCo, Amithlon and of course under WinUAE. The program will in no way access the hardware directly. It was programmed to respect the system guide lines and it only uses system-friendly functions.

I have to thank the following persons: Torgeir Vee, Grzegorz Kraszweski, Martin Blom, Tomasz Wiszkowski, Kimmo Pekkola, Olaf Barthel, Thomas Richter, Christoph Gutjahr, Jean-Yves Auger, Ralph Schmidt, Detlev Würkner, Stephan Rupprecht, Frank Mariak, Steffen Häuser, Jacek Piczczek, Jens Langner, Thore Böckelmann, Christoph Poelzl, and Timm S. Müller.

Beta tests were done by Torgeir Vee, Christoph Poelzl, Christoph Gutjahr and Telemar Rosenberger.

If you want to contact me, send an e-mail to andreas@airsoftsoftwair.de or use the contact form at http://www.hollywood-mal.com.

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