4.6 Gradient dialog

This dialog can be used to configure the parameters for color gradients that can be used as page and object backfills.

The following options are currently supported here:

Specifies the type for the gradient. Currently supported are linear, radial, and conical gradients.

Specifies whether the gradient should run between two colors or if it should have multiple colors. If it should have multiple colors, you have to click the "Edit" button below which will open a window with a listview that allows you to add as many colors to the gradient as you wish.

Specifies the rotation angle for this gradient in degrees. This is only supported for linear and conical gradients.

Specifies the gradient border in percent. This is only supported for radial gradients.

Specifies the gradient balance in percent. This is only supported for conical gradients.

Center X, Y
Specifies the center point for the gradient in percent. 50% means center, 0% equals to left/top, and 100% to right/bottom. This is only supported for radial and conical gradients.

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