6.5 Data manager

You can use the data manager to organize all external data files of your project. The data manager consists of ten pages: Animations, Backgrounds, Brushes, Fonts, Patterns, Pointers, Programs, Sounds, Videos, and other files. Each page has a list with all files that are in the corresponding sub-drawers in your project drawer. The "Other files" page is an exception: Here all files that are in non-standard sub-directories will be listed. All files that are actually used in your project will be highlighted in the lists.

If you select a highlighted file now, Hollywood Designer will list all references of this file in your project. So you can easily see which objects/pages use this file. If you select a file that is not highlighted, Hollywood Designer will offer you the possibility to delete this file now because it is not used in your project any more. If you double-click on an entry, MultiView will be called to view the file (if you have a datatype for it!).

The data manager is very useful for maintaining your project and for quickly removing obsolete files. You should save your project before opening the data manager so that it is always up to date.

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