1.6 Frequently asked questions

This chapters answers some frequently asked questions. Please read it before submitting bug reports, because your problem might be covered here already.

Q: How can I switch between windowed and full screen mode while the project is running?

A: Simply press the AMIGA+RETURN hotkey.

Q: How do I hide the project while it is running?

A: Click on the appropriate button in the window's title bar, or if the project is running full screen, you can also press the AMIGA+h hotkey.

Q: How do I pause a running project?

A: Press the "P" key.

Q: How do I skip between pages in a running project?

A: Use the left and right cursor keys.

Q: How can I quit a project?

A: Use Escape or CTRL-C.

Q: How can I exchange the icons that Hollywood Designer creates for every new project?

A: You can change these default icons by editing the configuration file "Icons.ini" which is inside the directory where Designer was installed.

Q: The sound Hollywood outputs is distorted. What is wrong there?

A: Check your AHI settings. You will have to set the master volume in your AHI advanced settings to "With Clipping". If this does not help, try to reduce the master volume in the project properties. You should also turn off the echo and surround modes if there are any sound problems. Also make sure that you have set the frequency for your sound driver correctly. It should be at least 22050 Hz.

Q: What can I do if Hollywood Designer says "Out of memory" ?

A: Get more fast memory. If you're low on memory it is also a good idea to always keep the thumbnail dialog closed because that will consume quite some memory.

Q: I have found a bug.

A: Please contact me.

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