1.4 History

    Please read the history bottom-up. Note that the history might list some
    features that were implemented in beta versions and removed later but are
    still mentioned here. This history is a log of the programmer so that he
    can look up what has been done/tried/modified. Things that were implemented
    and removed later are marked with [VOID].

    Version 6.0    (15-May-22)

    - Change: Updated catalog descriptions and German translation; added new developer files for doing
      new translations
    - Change: Updated Designer documentation
    - Change: Updated Feature Presentation example project; it now demonstrates lists and enumerations as well
    - New: Added Shakespeare, Shakespeare FX and HeyHey 16k (full & lite versions) example projects to the
    - New: It's possible to change all properties of hidden objects now as well; previously, many properties
      could only be changed if the object was visible
    - Fix: Graphics glitches when changing object options like shadow, effects etc. when an object was hidden  
    - Fix: Pressing the cursor keys while an object was hidden allowed you to move the object
    - New [SDK]: Added LocaleBase.OpenCatalog(), LocaleBase.CloseCatalog(), and LocaleBase.GetCatalogString();
      these allow you to deal with Hollywood catalogs from plugins
    - New [SDK]: Added ZBase.compress() and ZBase.uncompress() functions from zlib
    - New: Added support for soft hyphens and zero-width spaces; these can be used to signal Designer where a
      word can be broken in case wordwrapping is active; since soft hyphens and zero-width spaces aren't
      normal characters you have to insert them using their Unicode codepoint; just include the special code
      %173 whereever you want to put a soft hyphen and %8203 for a zero-width space
    - New: Since TextEditor.mcc doesn't support Unicode it's now possible to directly embed a Unicode character
      by using the special new %NNN escape sequence; simply add the codepoint of the Unicode character you want
      to add after a percent sign (in decimal notation) and it will be inserted into the text; this is useful
      when you need characters not available in the system's default charset
    - Change: Combined the second and third tab of the edit text dialog in a single tab; this should be much
      more convenient since the third tab only had the option to change the text color anyway
    - New: Added "Synchronize with page name" option to the edit text dialog; if this is activated, the page
      name will automatically be set to the contents of the text object; this is useful for headings etc. on
      your pages which can be easily kept in sync with the page title that way
    - New: Added "Automatically skip to next page" option to the page menu; if this is activated, Designer will
      automatically skip to the next page once it reaches a page's end; note that this is only available if the
      presentation mode has been set to "Wait for presenter at page end"
    - Fix: Boxes weren't drawn correctly when choosing one of the "Center object vertically" or "Center object
      horizontally" options in case the object was centered already
    - New: Added UID manager to the "Project" menu; this is a useful tool to get a comprehensive overview of
      all the UIDs used by your project; it will list page, object and sound UIDs as well as UIDs used by the
      "Animate object" and "Choose file to open" action events; furthermore, it will also list all variables
      used by the "Set variable" and "Get attribute" action events
    - Change: Shadows will now always inherit the transparency setting of their parent object; this makes much
      more sense than the previous behaviour where shadow and object transparency were independent of each
      other; note that for compatibility reasons the new behaviour is only activated for new projects; projects
      saved by older Designer versions will still use the old behaviour but you can turn on the new behaviour
      by deactivating the new "Don't apply transparency to shadow" option in the project properties
    - New: Added functionality to duplicate events in the event edit dialog; this should make your life easier
      in case you need a certain event lots of times; note that UIDs defined in events won't be cloned because
      they must be unique; so in case an event declares a UID, that field will simply be left empty in the
      cloned event (requested by Anbjorn Myren)
    - New: Added "Ignore anchor point" option to the text edit dialog; this will only be visible when the text
      edit dialog is opened from the "Change object style" action event; if you set the "Ignore anchor point"
      option, the object will keep its exact position when the text is changed
    - New: Added "Disable button" and "Enable button" action events; these can be quite useful for temporarily
      disabling and enabling buttons from action objects
    - New: Added "Set attribute" action event; this does the same as "Get attribute" except that the attribute
      will be set to the specified value; many of the attributes that this action event supports can already
      be set by other action events like "Scale object" or "Rotate object" but the advantage of the "Set
      attribute" event is that the value can also be a variable or an expression which makes it more flexible
      because not all action events support this, e.g. "Change object color" doesn't support specifying the
      color from a variable source; note that to allow Designer to distinguish between variable and string
      sources, you need to enclose strings in quotes when using this action event, e.g. when setting the text
      of an object
    - New: Added "Get attribute" action event; this is an extensive action event which allows you to read all
      sorts of states into a user variable, e.g. object position, size, transformation, color, anim and video
      states, sound states, mouse and keyboard states and so on; this can be quite useful when using action
      objects to write subroutines in Designer (requsted by Anbjorn Myren)
    - New: Added "Wait action" action event; this will wait until the specified action object has finished
      running its action events
    - New: Added "Wait vertical refresh" action event; this can be useful in combination with the new "Disable
      auto-throttling" option for action objects; it allows you to manually insert throttles to prevent your
      project from CPU hogging; if the "Disable auto-throttling" option isn't activated, Designer will wait
      for the vertical refresh after each single event in the action object which could slow things down
    - New: Added "Disable auto-throttling" option for action objects, button and keyboard events; if this new
      option is activated, Designer won't throttle the execution of action events to prevent CPU hogging; note
      that you might want to use the new "Wait vertical refresh" action event in that case so that CPU usage
      doesn't go to 100% in case your action object loops its events
    - New: The "Animate object", "Scale object", "Rotate object", "Move object", "Change object hierarchy",
      "Show anim frame", and "Set texture offset" action events now support user variables as well (requested
      by Anbjorn Myren)
    - Change: The "Move object", "Scale object" and "Set texture offset" action events also accept just a
      single parameter now; this makes it possible to just modify one object attribute, e.g. "Move object"
      could be used to change an object's x position only by just setting the "X" parameter and leaving the
      "Y" parameter empty
    - Change: Text will no longer be cropped when editing text objects; instead, the wordwrapping width will
      be extended in case it is too small when editing text objects
    - New: Added three new inbuilt fonts: DejaVu Sans, DejaVu Serif, and DejaVu Sans Monospace; these have
      some more characters than the default inbuilt Vera Sans/Serif/Monospace fonts so they can be useful when
      it comes to non-ISO-8859-1 characters etc.; note that Hollywood doesn't have the DejaVu fonts inbuilt so
      you need to enable the "Link all fonts to program" option if you plan to distribute your project with
      the fonts included
    - New: Added "View" menu which allows you to conveniently show and hide Designer's various dialogs; a new
      option named "Arrange windows" has also been added; this allows you to conveniently restore Designer's
      default layout  
    - Change: Renamed "Object options" dialog to "Object filters" which is probably a more appropriate title
      for the dialog's functionality (requested by Mario Locati)
    - New: Added "Reset text layout" to the object menu; this can be used to reset any custom layout applied
      to a text object (e.g. changing the wordwrapping boundary by extending or shrinking a text object's
      bounding box)
    - New: Added "Reset transformation" to the object menu; this will reset all transformations (scaling and
      rotation) that have been applied to an object (requested by Anbjorn Myren)
    - Fix: Move up/down button disabled state wasn't adapted correctly when moving events down in the event
      edit dialog
    - New: The "Check condition" action event can now also execute custom code; in that case, it is expected
      that the custom code uses Return() to return a value which is then compared against what is configured
      in the check condition dialog
    - Fix: The degree character wasn't drawn correctly for the "Rotate object" action event
    - Fix: Language mode in the "Check condition" action event didn't work correctly
    - New: The "Check condition" action event can now also check if a sound is currently playing or not
    - New: The "Check condition" action event can now also check if an object is invisible or visible
    - New: The "Check condition" action event now supports "Goto label" as an alternative to the "Skip events" 
      operation; using "Goto label" is probably more convenient than using hard-coded skip offsets
    - New: Added "Label" and "Goto" action events; these can be used to define labels and jump to them; this is
      more convenient than specifying a hard-coded number of events that should be skipped because you don't
      have to adapt the skip count when adding/removing events; note that as with variables, labels are case
    - New: Added "Skip events" action event; this can be used to skip the specified number of events; positive
      values skip forward, negative values skip backward, zero doesn't do anything  
    - New: Added "Break" action event; this can be used to halt the execution of the current event list
    - New: The object position dialog now allows you to specify whether the new position should be relative to
      the object's anchor point or the top-left edges of the page
    - New: Added support for multiple monitors; you can now choose the monitor your project should be shown on
      in the project properties dialog
    - Change: Thin lines with arrowheads and antialiasing turned on look better now
    - New: Lines with arrowheads are now drawn using Hollywood 9.1's new vector-based drawing functions which
      gives them a perfectly crisp appearance in any resolution
    - New: Added widget to configure the display's orientation to the project properties dialog; this allows
      you to set an orientation for your project when it is run on a mobile device; you can choose between
      "Default", "Landscape", and "Portrait" (requested by Anbjorn Myren)
    - New: Added "Support high-DPI displays" option to the project properties dialog; activating this option
      will mark your project as DPI-aware with Hollywood; this will make it possible to get a perfectly
      crisp appearance even on monitors with a higher pixel density
    - New: Added option to specify the default page dimension in the settings dialog; all new blank, pattern
      and gradient pages will use this default size (requested by Rafal Chyla)
    - New: Added context menu to thumbnail window; this allows you to quickly execute lots of page operations
    - New: The thumbnail window is implemented as a modeless dialog now which means that it can always stay
      open; Designer supports live refresh of all thumbnails as soon as something in the project changes; note
      that all thumbnails are always kept in memory so if you have a project with hundreds of pages it's
      probably not a good idea to have the thumbnail window open permanently
    - Change [OS3]: On WinUAE, Designer will always run in wpa mode now; this should provide a smoother user
      experience because in non-wpa mode, WinUAE will always freeze the mouse pointer when locking bitmaps
      which feels quite unintuitive for the user; if you want to force non-wpa mode on WinUAE, pass the new
      "-wpamode 0" console argument when starting Designer
    - New: Added "Show progress bar when loading pages" option to the settings dialog; on very fast computers
      it doesn't really make sense to show a progress bar when Designer loads a project page because it takes
      only a fraction of a second; on older Amiga systems, however, it can take longer which is why this new
      option is on by default
    - Fix: Undo/redo on a page move up/down operation didn't always work correctly
    - Fix: Minor memory leak in the multi-user settings dialog
    - New: It's also possible now to select plugins on a per-project basis; before it was only possible to set
      the required plugins in the global Designer settings; now you can also do the same for every project in
      the "Plugins" tab in the project properties dialog; this can be useful because Hollywood 9 doesn't load
      all plugins automatically any longer on AmigaOS and compatibles so you might have to select the plugins
      your project requires in order to have Hollywood load them; note that the plugins marked as "require"
      in the settings will be required by Designer itself whereas the plugins marked as "require" in the
      project properties dialog will be required by the project; previously, plugins marked as "require" in
      the Designer settings were also marked as "require" for every Designer project; this is no longer done
      because it doesn't make much sense; you need to individually select the plugins to require for each of
      your projects in the project properties dialog now
    - New: Added global shortcuts for quick page access; you can now define one (or more) key(s) for your
      project that act as shortcuts for specific project pages; whenever the defined key is pressed, Designer
      will immediately jump to the corresponding page; you can find the page shortcuts in the "Keyboard" in
      the project properties dialog
    - New: Added "Rewind" key option to the "Keyboard" tab in the project properties dialog; this allows you
      to define one or multiple keys that will make the project skip back to the first page; the default key
      for rewind is the home key
    - Change: The default key for pause is "P" now because the previous pause default key (space) could clash
      with the "Wait space key" delay option
    - Change: Renamed the option "Do not wait for buttons and keyboard automatically" to "Automatically skip
      to next page even if page has interactive elements" which should be clearer
    - Change: New projects will no longer automatically skip to the next page now; instead, they'll wait for
      input from the presenter; this is a much more common behaviour for presentation applications which is
      why it is the default now; if you want the old behaviour back, just change the presentation mode in the
      tab "Other" in the project properties dialog to "Automatically skip to next page"
    - New: Added a cycle widget that allows you to set the presentation mode in the "Other" tab of the
      project properties dialog; you can choose between "Wait for presenter at page end", "Automatically skip
      to next page" and "Run in browse mode"; the new option here is "Wait for presenter at page end" which
      won't skip to the next page before the presenter presses the forward key defined in the "Keyboard" tab
      in the project properties dialog
    - New: Added "Ignore presenter keys" option to the action object and event dialogs; if this is activated,
      it won't be possible to cycle through the individual action events by using the presenter keys; this
      can be useful when using action objects that run asynchronously in the background etc.  
    - New: Added "Wait presenter" action event; this does the same as the "Wait presenter" delay option
      (see below for details)
    - New: Added "Wait presenter" option to the object and page delay dialogs; if you use this delay mode,
      Designer will wait for any keys defined in the "Keyboard" tab in the project properties dialog
    - New: Keys for page navigation, pause and exit can be configured by the user now; this also means that
      the options "Disable cursor key page jumping", "Disable pause via space key" and "Disable quit via
      escape key" are no longer necessary because you can just set the key to an empty string to disable
      those keys; that's why those options have been removed now; the new configuration options are very
      flexible and also allow you to define multiple keys (or mouse buttons) for the corresponding functions;
      just separate them using commas
    - New: Added forward/backward stepping through the objects of a page; this can be very useful when using
      Designer to create presentations and you want to be able to easily navigate through the objects of your
      pages; it allows presenters to quickly seek to a certain object because pressing the forward/backward
      key will abort the current event (e.g. a transition effect or a wait event) and progress to the next or
      previous one; by default, the cursor up/down and page up/down keys are used to step through the objects
      but these keys can be changed in the project properties dialog; also note that stepping through pages'
      objects might not always work correctly for projects that are heavily customized using action events;
      it is mostly meant to be used when using Designer as a tool for creating presentations; when creating
      interactive applications with Designer, stepping might not always work correctly because those projects
      are highly dynamic and not as static as a linear presentation that follows a clearly defined order;
      to disable the forward/backward stepping feature, just remove the keyboard shortcuts for it in the
      "Keyboard" tab in the project properties dialog; note that for compatibility reasons, forward/backward
      stepping is disabled for projects saved by earlier Designer versions that had the "Disable cursor key
      navigation" option enabled; if you want to have for those projects you need to manually enable it by
      defining the desired keys for forward/backward stepping in the "Keyboard" tab in the project properties
    - Fix: Page backward hotkey didn't work in case the previous page was disabled
    - Fix: Synchronous playback didn't work for the "Play sound" action event
    - New: Added "Automatically start/stop playback when layer is shown/hidden" option to video properties
      dialog; this is actually a compatibility feature because Designer 6.0 doesn't start/stop video playback
      automatically any more when the layer is shown/hidden but earlier versions did so this is why this was
      introduced; Designer's behaviour was changed for consistency reasons because playback isn't started/
      stopped automatically for non-layered videos either
    - Fix: When in browse mode, Designer still waited for sounds to finish playing; this is no longer done
      now because it prevents you from quickly seeing the whole page contents
    - Change: Reorganized the options in the "Other" tab in the project properties dialog into several logical
      groups which should make it much easier to find things
    - Fix: Memory access fault when a text object couldn't be created during page setup
    - Fix: Refresh glitches when creating a new form object that collides with an active hidden object
    - Change: Since there is now a default pitch option, the quirky "load sample frequency" button is obsolete
      and has been removed
    - New: The sound options dialog now allows you to select the default pitch for samples; this is much more
      convenient than having to select "custom" and entering the sample's playback pitch manually
    - New: The sound options dialog for pages and objects now allows you to define whether the sound playback
      should be started after or with any potential transition effect
    - New: Music streams can also use synchronous playback mode now
    - Fix: Designer will no longer allowed a zero custom speed value because Hollywood can't handle that
    - New: The object and page delay dialogs now allow you to configure when the delay should be executed
      (i.e. before or after a page/object is shown)
    - Change: Reorganized the options in the "Display" tab in the project properties dialog; their arrangement
      should be much clearer now
    - New: Added "Best fit (force resolution change)" and "Best fit (force no resolution change)" display
      modes to the project properties dialog; these can be used to explicitly force or forbid a monitor
      resolution change when using full screen mode; these options are necessary because when using "Best fit"
      it depends on the host operating system whether Hollywood will change the monitor's resolution or not
      (e.g. on Windows, no resolution change will be executed if Direct2D is available so that GPU-accelerated
      scaling can be used; on AmigaOS, there'll always be a resolution change)
    - Change: Removed "Display mode" widget from the new project dialog and added four new toolbar buttons
      which allow you to quickly switch between the different display modes (windowed, full screen with mode
      change, layer-scaled full screen mode, auto-scaled full screen mode); having these buttons in the
      toolbar should be much more convenient to quickly switch between the different modes; the display modes
      are also available in the new "Run" menu now
    - Change: Moved "Run" and "Run current page" menu items to an own "Run" menu  
    - Change: Moved "Keep Hollywood quiet" to the Designer settings; this is a global setting now instead of
      a local per-project setting; having this as a global setting makes much more sense in my opinion
    - New: Hollywood Designer now supports custom line spacing values for text objects; to use custom line
      spacing, just enter the desired line spacing in the "Font" tab in the text dialog; the line spacing
      value is the number of additional pixels to add when vertically aligning lines; it can also be negative
      in which case lines are moved closer to each other by the specified number of pixels
    - New: Added "Show list items" and "Hide list items" action events; these action events can be used to
      show or hide bulleted or numbered lists with custom options; the action events are highly configurable
      so that it is possible to use a custom transition effect and wait option for each item in the list
    - New: Added support for bulleted or numbered lists; to create lists, just create a new text object and
      click the "Enable list mode" checkmark on the new "Lists" tab; Hollywood Designer will then treat your
      text object as a list which means that each line of text will be treated as a list item; you should
      start each line with a dash; to start new sublists, just use two dashes for the first indentation level,
      three dashes for the second indentation level and so on; Hollywood Designer's list mode is highly
      configurable and allows you to specify the indentation levels, offsets, bullet types, list types and it's
      also possible to define how the individual list items should be shown (normally or with a transition
      effect); it's also possible to define a wait operation after each list item is shown; finally, Designer
      can also show each list item with a different transition effect which should give you maximum flexibility
    - Fix: A single mouse-click or key press could cancel multiple page and object delay operations
    - Fix: Toggling the antialias scaling/rotation option in brush, anim, or video objects led to a reset of
      the scaling dimensions so that the object appeared unscaled
    - Fix: When editing text objects, the new attributes weren't correctly remembered for new text objects
    - Fix: Positions for several objects were often a pixel or two off between Hollywood and Designer; now the
      appearance should be perfectly identical between the two
    - Fix: When using anchor points different from 0/0 bubble autoforms weren't positioned correctly in the
      Hollywood script generated by Designer
    - Fix: Refreshing glitches when moving the bubble autoform's hotspot beyond the top-right or bottom-right
      edges of the autoform
    - New: Hollywood Designer uses Hollywood 9's graphics primitives engine now; this guarantees that things
      like autoforms and borders look exactly the same in Designer and Hollywood
    - Fix: The "Skip events" value in the "Check condition" action event wasn't always interpreted correctly
      when Designer combined several object style events in a single SetLayerStyle() call; this could lead
      to wrong behaviour in action events (reported by Stefanos Karousos and Anbjorn Myren)
    - Fix: Sounds were garbage-collected when they were paused; obviously, garbage collection should only be
      done for sounds that have stopped (reported by Stefanos Karousos)
    - Fix: Memory access fault in color quantization code (reported by Stefanos Karousos)
    - New: It is now possible to configure the loader priorities in the Designer preferences; you can specify
      the order in which animation/image/sound/video loaders are queried to open the corresponding data files;
      Designer supports the loader types "Inbuilt" (loaders provided by Designer itself), "Native" (loaders
      provided by the host OS, e.g. datatypes on Amiga compatibles) and "Plugins" (loaders provided by
      plugins); by default, plugins are asked first, then inbuilt loaders, then native ones; but this order
      can now be freely changed
    - New: Designer can now load compressed and uncompressed IFF PBM pictures as well; those were typically
      saved by the MS-DOS version of Deluxe Paint II; in contrast to IFF ILBM they store pixels as chunky
      instead of planar data
    - Fix: Presentation navigation keys didn't work after the "End of project" message had appeared
    - Change: "Keep position when editing the source file of an object" is now active by default; note that
      you'll only notice this on new installations because Designer remembers old settings
    - Fix: When creating a new text object that has line breaks, those line breaks are no longer included in
      the object name that Designer chooses for the new text object
    - Fix: Internal BMP reader didn't handle 32-bit BMPs correctly
    - Change: When using the "Show object" and "Hide object" action events with a transition effect and the
      object is already visible or hidden, nothing will happen; old Designer versions would show/hide the
      object again in that case which is no longer done although a compatibility mode has been implemented so
      that old Designer projects still behave exactly the same
    - New: The "Show object" and "Hide object" action events can now also show and hide video objects that
      don't use their own layer
    - New: The video control bar's fullscreen button now also supports Hollywood 9.0's new scale switch mode
    - Fix: The video control bar's fullscreen button didn't work when a scaling engine was active  
    - Fix: Stop button wasn't highlighted correctly when a video control bar, that didn't have a full screen
      button, was attached to a video  
    - Fix: Current playback position wasn't always shown when a video control bar was attached to a video
    - New: For performance reasons, Designer will try to use the OS's native video renderer by default; if you
      don't want that, you can set the new "Do not prioritize native video renderer" option in the video edit
      dialog now; note that the OS's native video renderer can only be used for non-layered videos; videos
      that have the "Use layer" option set, will be played through Hollywood's inbuilt video renderer which is
    - Change: Buttons created in Designer now respect the layer z-order so that you can also have overlapping
      buttons and the events are handled with respect to the current layer z-order; to maintain compatibility
      with old Designer projects, there is a new "Compatibility mode" option which allows you to enforce the
      old behaviour; this option will be automatically activated for Designer projects from version 5.0 and
    - Fix: Text wasn't layouted correctly when using wordwrapping and hard-coded line breaks in the very same
      text object
    - Fix: Fixed memory leak when duplicating a page directly after inserting a new object
    - New: Added support for vector animations; the Polybios plugin, for example, makes it possible to import
      PDFs as anims into Hollywood Designer; note that vector animations require Hollywood 9.0 or better
    - Fix: Assigns in paths weren't correctly resolved on "Save as" so that the same project could appear in
      the recent project list twice
    - Fix: Some keyboard shortcuts didn't work when the object options dialog was the active window  
    - Fix: Designer crashed with svgimage plugin versions < 1.2 because of a bug in the plugin; it now uses
      a workaround that simply ignores the svgimage plugin in case one of the versions incompatible with
      Designer is installed (reported by Vincent Truppe) 
    - Change [OS4]: OpenURL() no longer uses openurl.library but AmigaOS4.1's launch-handler, which can be
      configured using SYS:Prefs/URL, now (reported by Jörg Renkert)  
    - Fix: Potential memory access fault in rare cases when converting UTF-8 characters to Unicode/ISO 8859-1
    - Fix: Uncompressed 24-bit IFF ILBMs weren't handled correctly by Designer's inbuilt IFF ILBM reader
      (reported by Lazar Zoltan)

    Version 5.0    (19-Apr-20)

    - Change: Updated catalog descriptions and German translation; added new developer files for doing
      new translations
    - Change: Updated Designer documentation
    - New [OS4]: Added new set of icons for OS4; big thanks to Martin "Mason" Merz!
    - Change [OS3/WarpOS]: PNG and JPEG datatypes are no longer required now since Hollywood Designer
      contains internal PNG and JPEG loaders now; of course, datatypes are still supported
    - New: Hollywood Designer now displays extended error information in case there is an error in
      user code that is detected during compiling
    - Fix: In case of a syntax error in user code, Hollywood Designer didn't report the correct line
    - New: Added special code sequences to start and stop action events from user code; to start an
      action object, use %(OBJECTID; to stop it, use %)OBJECTID (requested by Samuli Holopainen)
    - New: Updated Hollywood Designer to support Hollywood 8.0's plugin interface
    - New: Added support for monochrome, palette-based transparency for brushes, page backgrounds,
      and animations; palette-based transparency is supported for IFF ILBM, IFF ANIM, GIF, GIF ANIM,
      and PNG
    - Fix: The OS native anim loader via animation.datatype didn't handle the EHB flag correctly 
    - Fix: Inbuilt AVI MJPEG loader only supported AVISTREAMHEADER of 56 bytes in size; the 64 bytes
      version is now also supported
    - Fix: Some GIF anims weren't loaded correctly (reported by Paul Bloedel)
    - New: You can now request explicit initialization for plugins that don't initialize themselves
      automatically on loading (e.g. Polybios); to do this, open the settings dialog, go to the
      plugins tab and select the plugins to explicitly initialize on startup in the "Require plugins"
    - New: It's now possible to disable plugins; to do this, open the settings dialog, go to the
      plugins tab and select the plugins to disable
    - Change: Moved the options "Link all data files to program", "Link all fonts to program" and
      "Enable compression" from the save executable dialog to the project settings dialog; all these
      settings are now stored with the project instead of being global preferences
    - New: Added support for linking plugins when creating executables; you can choose which plugins
      to link in the new "Link plugins" list view in the project settings dialog
    - Change: Changed spelling of "Mac OS X" to "macOS" as this is now the official spelling
    - Fix: Slight pixel inaccuracy and memory access fault in the bilinear interpolated pixel scaler
    - Fix: Text objects in additional languages that didn't use wordwrapping automatically inherited
      the wordwrapping settings from the root text object in the base language which often led to
      a wrong layout (reported by Torgeir Vee)
    - Fix: When exporting a script to a video and using action events which waited for an effect
      to finish, the effect wasn't rendered properly in the video (reported by Torgeir Vee)
    - Fix [OS4]: Fixed plugin loader to be compatible with dos.library v54.40 and up; this was
      necessary because of a compatibility break in OS4 DOS (reported by Javier de las Rivas)
    - New: About dialog contains a "More..." button now which shows some additional information
      including license information
    - Fix: Status bar for the copy file dialog didn't handle files greater than 4 GB correctly
    - New: Save executable dialog contains "Select all" and "Select none" buttons now for a more
      convenient way of selecting target architectures
    - New: Progress bar and copy file dialogs have an "Abort" button now that allows you to cancel
      all running operations
    - Change: Sound edit dialog doesn't automatically run the sample/music type recognition but you
      have to configure whether the file should be loaded as a sample or music manually
    - Fix: Custom frequency text entry wasn't automatically enabled/disabled when selecting the
      appropriate option from the cycle gadget above it
    - Fix: When using the "Run code" action event, the parent windows weren't locked correctly and
      still allowed user input
    - Fix: Escape formatting codes weren't stripped when exporting and importing text using the edit
      text dialog
    - New: Data manager also shows the language in which a certain data file is used
    - New: When opening the data manager, Designer shows a progress bar now; this is useful for
      bigger projects with lots of pages and files
    - Fix: Memory leak when changing the line wrapping boundary of a text object that used an Amiga
      bitmap font instead of a TrueType font
    - Change: Text imported from an external file into the text or code editor dialog must be in
      UTF-8 encoding now (with or without BOM); when exporting text or code, Designer will save
      the text as UTF-8 (with BOM) as well
    - New: Added Unicode support! This was a pile of work; internally, everything is in UTF-8 now
      and projects and preferences are also saved in the UTF-8 format; this finally makes Designer
      projects independent of the current system charset; before Designer 5.0, projects always
      used the system charset which made sharing them with people using different system charsets
      problematic; these problems are gone now because everything is in UTF-8 now; this also makes
      Designer fully Hollywood 7-compliant
    - Fix: When using the "Save as" dialog to save a range of pages of the current project into a
      new project and some pages after the current page weren't included in the range but all
      pages before and including the current page were included, Designer didn't allow you to
      access the current page any more 
    - Fix: Resizing a rectangle with rounded corners whose round corners had been configured in the
      object properties dialog instead of using the hot spots didn't work
    - New: Added "Delete project user data" action event; does the same as the new button in the
      project properties dialog (see below)
    - New: Added "Delete project user data" button to project properties; this will delete all
      user-specific data of your project, e.g. the last language used if the "Remember this language
      change on next start" option was selected in the "Change language" action event, the
      window's position and size, selections that were made using the "Choose file to open"
      action event, etc.
    - New: Added "Make a local copy of the chosen file" to the "Choose file to open" action event;
      if this is selected, Designer will make a copy of the selected file inside a "UserFiles"
      directory in the project's directory (requested by Torgeir Vee)
    - New: Added "Remember this language change on next start" option to the "Change language"
      action event; if this is selected, Designer will automatically use the language set by this
      action event the next time it starts up; note that this only works if your app has a global
      identifier (requested by Torgeir Vee)
    - New: Added "Only ask for password once per session" option to the text object options in the
      project properties dialog; if this is selected, the user will not be asked for the password
      any more as soon as he has successfully entered it once (requested by Torgeir Vee)
    - New: Added support for 1024x1024 icons which are now supported by Hollywood 7.0
    - New: Added support for justified text; this will make your text look much more professional!
    - New: Page up/down keys can now also be used to switch pages; this should make it possible to
      use Hollywood with presentation remotes (requested by Hans de Ruiter)
    - New: Added support for the new 64-bit targets supported by Hollywood 7.0
    - Change: Page indicator has room for 4 digit pages now (0000-9999); previously, this was limited
      to 3 digits (requested by Torgeir Vee)
    - New: "Save script..." also generates two files named "Linkfiles.txt" and "Linkfonts.txt" which
      contain the files and fonts to be linked into the executable; useful if you'd like to compile
      your script in a custom way (requested by Torgeir Vee)
    - New: Added "Skip all hide object action events" option which will skip all hide object
      action events when in browse mode (requested by Torgeir Vee)
    - New: Added "Do not show window on startup" option; useful if you want to use custom code to
      initialize the display
    - New: Added "Run choose file to open" action event; this can be used to run a file previously
      defined by a "Choose file to open" action event (requested by Torgeir Vee)
    - New: Added magic word protection (requested by Torgeir Vee)
    - New: Improved gradient interpolation algorithm; color gradients are smoother now!
    - Fix: Gradients drawn across small areas didn't look very good (reported by Tony Canazza)
    - Fix: In multi-language projects that used different anim files for all additional languages
      those anim files weren't linked into executables correctly (reported by Christoph Poelzl)
    - New: Added option "Keep position when editing the source file of an object" to the preferences;
      when this is set and you change the source file of a brush, anim, or video object, Designer
      won't reset the position to the top-left corner any more (requested by Christoph Poelzl)
    - Fix: Memory trashing/crash when adding objects of type ellipse, line, arc, auto form, polygon,
      rectangle to a multi-language project with a non-default language being currently active
      (reported by Christoph Poelzl)
    - Fix [OS3]: When no page was displayed Designer didn't refresh the clapperboard image correctly
      with MUI versions newer than 3.8
    - Fix: Timelines didn't work correctly and the documentation didn't mention that you have to
      run the "Wait event" action event on timeline pages in order to make them work (reported
      by Enrique Mecklenburg)
    - New: Designer can also import single pages now via the new "Import..." item in the "Page"
      menu list
    - New: "Import objects" dialog can now also import the objects to multiple pages; you may also
      specify the insert position for these additional pages (requested by Torgeir Vee)
    - New: Added new modes for importing change page events in the "Import objects" dialog:
      references can now be resolved by UID, page name or by page number (requested by Torgeir Vee)
    - New: Added "Do not automatically reload active page in new language" option to the "Change
      language" action event; you should only use this if you want to manually change to a different
      page after a language change; if this option isn't set, "Change language" will always be the
      last action event that is executed from a list; if you set the option, execution of action
      events will continue after "Change language" but you should manually run "Change page" after
      the "Change language" action event (requested by Christoph Poelzl)
    - New: Added "Allow user to fix broken program links" option; if this is selected, the user will
      be prompted to select an alternative program to run in case a "Run program" action event fails
      because the specified file does not exist; optionally, the user's selection can also be
      permanently saved; the path where Designer should store user replacements for broken links
      can also be specified (requested by Torgeir Vee)
    - New: The location where Designer stores user selections made during a "Choose file to open"
      action event or when editing a text object, can now also be saved in the script's global
      preferences; if you want to use this feature, you need to set an identifier for your project
    - New: Added "Remember window position and size" option; when set, the project will automatically
      remember the window position and size it was in when it was last closed; if you want to use
      this feature, you have to set an identifier for your project (requested by Torgeir Vee)
    - New: Added possibility to set a project identifier in reverse DNS format; this is needed for
      two upcoming features
    - New: Added "Reset choose file" action event; this can be used to reset the user's selection
      for a certain "Choose file to open" action event; you have to specify the UID of the event
      you want to have reset
    - New: Added "Choose file to open" action event; this will popup a file requester prompting
      the user to select a file which will then be opened in a manner similar to the "Run program"
      action event; optionally, the user's selection can also be remembered so that the next time
      the action event is executed, the selected file will be opened automatically; you need to
      assign a unique identifier to every "Choose file to open" action event; the location of
      the file where Designer will store the user's selection can be changed in the project
      properties dialog (requested by Torgeir Vee)
    - New: Added "Run in browse mode" option to project properties dialog; if this is selected,
      Designer will skip all transition effects, delays, and wait action objects; this allows you to
      quickly browse through the pages of a project using the LEFT and RIGHT cursor keys
      (requested by Torgeir Vee)
    - New: Added "Go back" and "Set back marker" action events; these two action events allow you to
      conveniently create projects which return to where the user came from; the "Go back" action
      event can go back either to the previous page or to the last page that executed a "Set back marker"
      action event (requested by Torgeir Vee)
    - New: Added "Run program in current language" option to the "Run program" action event; in case
      you use the "Run program" action event to run another executable compiled by Designer, you
      can set this checkmark to force this executable to start in the language that is currently
      active in the calling program; note that languages in the two projects must be defined in the
      same order for this feature to work (requested by Torgeir Vee)
    - New: Added "Do not append current language to program name" to the "Run program" action event;
      this allows you to override the global "Append language name to all external programs" option
      (requested by Torgeir Vee)
    - New: Added "Reset text object" action event; this action event can be used to reset a text object
      to its original contents, discarding all user edits
    - New: Added "Edit text object" action event; this action event allows you to manually invoke the
      text edit dialog from an action event; remember that all editable text objects need to have a UID
      and their page also needs to have a UID (requested by Torgeir Vee)
    - Change: Editable text objects are now publically available for all users; Hollywood Designer has
      supported editable text objects since version 2.8 but until now they were only available to
      industrial customers; now, they're available for everybody; as part of this change, the editable
      path settings have been moved from the prefs dialog to the project settings dialog
    - Fix: When changing a layer's transparency using the "Animate object" action event, the layer's
      shadow transparency wasn't adapted accordingly (reported by Richard Lake)
    - New: When drawn with antialiasing enabled, ellipses, arcs, and rectangles with rounded corners
      are now drawn as real Bézier splines which makes them look much better; if you want to have
      the old look, you have to enable the new "Draw curves as line-based polygons" compatibility
      option in the project properties dialog
    - New: Added option "Allow playback of multiple sound streams"; if you enable this option, you
      can play multiple sound streams at the same time because this is supported now by Hollywood 6.0
    - New: Save image dialog can now also save a range of pages; this makes it much easier to save
      all pages of a project as images (requested by Christoph Poelzl)
    - Fix: GUI was blocked when cancelling the "Edit object delay" dialog that is part of the
      "Import images" dialog (reported by Christoph Poelzl)
    - Change [OS3]: Designer requires MUI 4.0 on AmigaOS 3 now as well; this means that you'll get a
      much nicer looking GUI with 32-bit listview icons and the old NList classes are no longer needed
      at all
    - New: Added support for the new "Quantize" filter offered by Hollywood 6.0
    - New: Added "Ask password" action event which can be used to block execution of an action object
      if a wrong password is entered (requested by Torgeir Vee)
    - New: Editable text objects can now be linked with other editable text objects; if one is edited,
      all the others are updated as well; you have to specify a string that contains a number of page
      and object UID combinations in the corresponding text widget, i.e. "PAGE1:OBJ1,PAGE2:OBJ2,PAGE3:OBJ3"
      (requested by Torgeir Vee)
    - New: Added "Append language name to all external programs" option; if this is activated,
      Designer will append the name of the current language to all external programs used by
      the "Run program" action event; NB: if the current language is "Default", nothing will
      be appended (requested by Torgeir Vee)
    - New: Added "Import..." functionality to objects menu; this allows you to import all objects
      from a page of another project into the current page; if the languages of both projects
      are exactly the same, you can choose to import all languages as well; otherwise just a
      single language is imported and is copied to all the languages in the current project
      (requested by Torgeir Vee)
    - Fix: Object and page UIDs could not be deleted
    - New: Added "Change language" action event which allows you to switch languages while the
      presentation is running (requested by Torgeir Vee)
    - New: "Import project" allows you to choose the language to import now (requested by Torgeir Vee)
    - Fix: When moving a page in upward direction using "Move page" and there was a "Change page"
      reference to the page at the destination position, this reference was not adapted correctly
      (reported by Torgeir Vee)
    - New: Added some new special sequences for custom code: %CURRENTPAGEINDEX, %CURRENTPAGEUID,
      %CURRENTPAGENAME, and %#PAGEID; in the last sequence you need to replace PAGEID with a
      valid page UID and the %# sequence will return the index of this page then, starting from
      index 1 (requested by Torgeir Vee)
    - New: Added new global code tab to the project properties dialog; this allows you to specify
      three kinds of special code: code that should be run once at the start of your project, code
      that should be run for every page before the page's code and code that should be run for
      every page after the page's code (requested by Torgeir Vee)
    - Fix: Major bug when inserting objects of type text, anim, brush, or video while a language
      different from the default language was active; these objects weren't synchronized with the
      default language and Hollywood usually crashed (reported by Torgeir Vee)
    - Change: Removed distinction between "Full screen (auto)", "Full screen (fake)" and "Full screen
      (custom)" because it made things unnecessarily complicated; only two modes are offered now:
      "Full screen" and "Window"; you can fine-tune the parameters in the "Display" and "Backfill"
    - Change: Adapted documentation to fit into the new meta format so that it can be easily
      exported as PDF, HTML, CHM, or AmigaGuide
    - New: Added support for specifying custom dimensions when running a project in fullscreen
      mode; this is useful in case you want to set a screenmode that is not supported by the
      system you are compiling on; previously, it was only possible to set screenmodes supported
      by the system that was used for compiling the project; now you can set any arbitrary
      screenmode (requested by Christoph Poelzl)
    - New: Added support for compressed project files; if you want to have your project file
      compressed, activate the newly available option in the project properties
    - New: Added support for multi-user projects; if you need to share your projects with other
      people you can now define several users who should be allowed to edit the project; you can
      fine-tune the access rights of each user and also limit user access to certain pages and
      actions (requested by Christoph Poelzl)
    - New: Added grid support; this can be used as a helper when it comes to aligning objects
      (requested by Christoph Poelzl)
    - New: Added support for guides; these can be used to conveniently align objects; you can have
      an arbitrary number of vertical and horizontal guides; guides are defined on a per-page basis,
      i.e. you can have different guides on different pages (requested by Christoph Poelzl)
    - New: Added search support; it's now possible to have Designer perform a project- or page-wide
      search for a certain string; you can also specify which parts of the project Designer
      should scan (requested by Christoph Poelzl)
    - New: Added links to the Hollywood portal and forums to the about menu bar
    - New: Added support for the Linux ARM platform and for compression in the save executable
    - Fix: Two memory access faults (reported by Christoph Poelzl)
    - New: Added two new icon sizes to the project properties dialog: 64x64 and 96x96
    - New: Added "Disable screen blanker" option to the project properties dialog; this allows you
      to disable the screen blanker while the presentation is running
    - Fix: Several memory faults when using URLs with more than 1024 characters with the "Open URL"
      action event (reported by Christoph Poelzl)
    - Fix: When duplicating a page that contained "Change page" action events to a page behind the
      duplicated page, the reference was not adapted correctly (reported by Torgeir Vee)
    - New: Added support for password protected pages (requested by Torgeir Vee)
    - New: Added a second editable text object path gadget and a cycler to choose between the
      two (requested by Torgeir Vee)
    - New: Added support for password protected editable text objects (requested by Torgeir Vee)
    - New: Added support for video layers; video layers are highly flexible and they support all the
      things that are also supported by brushes, e.g. rotation, filter effects, shadow & border
      effects, transition effects while the video is running and much more; however, they are
      very CPU intensive so you need a very fast system in order to really enjoy the full power
      of video layers; to change a video object into a real video layer, simply activate the
      corresponding checkmark in the video properties dialog; note that the video control bar
      feature only works with non-layered videos
    - Fix: "Change object style" and "Change object options" action events weren't blocked for
      video objects which could lead to crashes if you selected them
    - Fix: Wrong hotkeys could be triggered under certain circumstances (reported by Christoph Poelzl)
    - Fix: "New object" shortcut (F4) didn't work
    - Change: File I/O uses a custom buffered mechanism now because the buffered I/O functions of
      dos.library are still as unoptimized as on OS3 even on modern systems like OS4 and AROS;
      the custom buffered ones should result in a major speed increase on larger files (reported
      by Lazar Zoltan)
    - Fix: Keyboard shortcuts didn't appear in context menus (reported by Christoph Poelzl)
    - Fix: "Paste" functionality was not available from the context menu (reported by Christoph
    - Change [OS4]: Added workaround for strange compositing bug in OS4 when using layers.library
      custom code to draw to MUI classes; toolbar icons could suddenly become invisible because of
      this bug
    - New: Added option to force Hollywood to use the software renderer to the video edit dialog
    - New: Added possibility to use anti-aliased scaling to video edit dialog; this is only
      supported when the software renderer is used
    - New: Added option "Deinterlace using line doubling" to anim edit dialog; if you select this
      Designer will deinterlace interlace anims by doubling the lines of a half-frame instead of
      combining two half-frames into a full frame; this is only required for obscure interlaced
      formats like IFF ANIM16i and IFF ANIM32i
    - New: Added option "IFF ANIM has loop frames" to anim edit dialog; if you select this option,
      Designer will assume that the IFF ANIM has loop frames and skip the last two frames
    - New: Designer supports the following new IFF ANIM compression modes: ANIM7, ANIM8, ANIM16,
      and ANIM32 (requested by Tony Aksnes)
    - New: Added "Save image" menu which allows you to save objects as images now too; you can
      choose whether or not you want to have transparency stored inside an alpha channel and you
      can also save objects with a filter applied
    - New: Default file extensions can be user-modified in the prefs dialog now
    - New: Mask gadget in file requesters now also contains file extensions made available by
      Hollywood plugins
    - New: Save page snapshot dialog can also save in formats made available by Hollywood plugins
    - New: Save page snapshot dialog now supports the following output formats on top of BMP:
      IFF ILBM, PNG, JPEG and GIF  
    - New: Video objects can now use a control bar that can be used to play, pause, stop, seek
      and switch the video to fullscreen; colors for the control bar are user-configurable
      (requested by Christoph Poelzl)
    - New [OS4/MorphOS]: Transition effect icon view highlights the currently selected effect now
      (requested by Christoph Poelzl)
    - New: "OK" and "Cancel" buttons can be accessed using the keyboard now in every dialog
      (requested by Christoph Poelzl)
    - Fix: Shape filters (xflip, yflip, pixelate, swirl, water ripple) are now applied to object
      borders as well
    - Fix: When using "Outline" mode and a line thickness > 1 with vector forms, Designer
      didn't convert the outline shape to a border as it is done in Hollywood; this led to
      inconsistencies between Designer and Hollywood (reported by Eric Luczyszyn)
    - Change [OS4]: Designer uses 32bit icons for the listviews now on OS4 as well; NList classes
      are no longer required on OS4; only the OS3 version of Designer still requires them
    - Change: Designer will no longer display an error requester if it cannot load a plugin
      because the plugin requires a newer Hollywood version; instead, this incident will be
      silently ignored (reported by William Molducci)
    - Fix: Designer 2.1 CD-ROM was not recognized in update versions (reported by Dorrit Schwanz)
    - Change [MorphOS]: Listviews in object manager and page manager contain column separators now
      just as in the other versions (requested by Torgeir Vee)
    - Fix: Memory access fault when checking object references in a clipboard object
    - Fix: Backslashes were incorrectly padded in linkfiles databases which led to problems
      when linking data files into applets/executables
    - Fix: Installer didn't work with paths that had spaces in them; astonishing that it took almost
      10 years for somebody to notice this bug (reported by Richard Lake)  
    - New: Finally ported Hollywood Designer to AROS; after a first attempt of an AROS port in
      2010, Hollywood Designer for AROS was put on hold because Zune had too many limitations;
      luckily, things on Zune's side have progressed over the last years which finally makes an
      AROS port of Hollywood Designer feasible; so here it is: Hollywood Designer 5.0 on AROS!
      this is also the first time Hollywood Designer runs on the x86 architecture

    Version 4.0    (17-Jun-12)

    - Change: Updated catalog descriptions and German translation; added new developer
      files for doing new translations
    - Change: Updated Designer documentation (English & German)
    - New: The Feature Presentation example project contains a German version now as well; this is
      meant as a demonstration of the new localization features of Hollywood Designer 4.0
    - Change: Updated the Feature Presentation example project; it now demonstrates some features
      of Hollywood Designer 4.0, too
    - Fix: "Play sound" action event sometimes wrongly reported that the specified UID was already in use
    - New: Added "Stop sound", "Pause sound", "Resume sound", and "Wait sound" action events
    - New: Added prefs option "Ask which language to load when opening multilingual projects"; if this
      is enabled, you can choose the language you'd like to use right at the time of opening your project
    - Fix: Thumbnail window supports scrolling via mousewheel now (reported by Christoph Poelzl)
    - Fix: Passive action objects didn't work correctly if they appeared before normal action objects
    - Fix: Trying to change the attributes of more than 123 objects with just a single action event led
      to a Hollywood error (reported by Torgeir Vee)
    - New: The "Check condition" action event can now also check the current language; this allows you
      to implement different behaviour for different languages (requested by Torgeir Vee)
    - New: Added "Set variable" action event which can be used to initialize a variable to a value
    - New: Added "Check condition" action event which can be used to skip or repeat action events in the
      current event list depending on the state of a variable; if the skip value is positive, it indicates
      the number of events that shall be skipped if the specified condition is true; if the skip value is
      negative, it indicates that Designer should jump to a previous action event; -1 will repeat the
      current event, -2 will jump to the previous event etc.
    - New: Added language synchronization functionality; you can now easily synchronize object attributes
      with all other language sets (either all object attributes or just the position)
    - New: Added functionality to export and import language strings from/to the current project; this
      is very useful for large projects because you can then translate the project in your text
      editor and then import the translated strings back into Designer; be careful that you do not
      change anything in your project while you translate the string; otherwise, translated text objects
      could end up in the wrong position (requested by Torgeir Vee)
    - New: Added support for multiple languages in a single project; objects of type text, brush, anim,
      and video can now have different states for different languages; this makes it very easy to manage
      multi-language applications in just a single Designer project; most attributes of the objects
      will be shared among all languages but the following attributes can be different for each language:
      position, size, text, image/anim/video file (requested by Torgeir Vee)
    - Fix: Undo/redo on a new object/kill object operation could crash in some rare cases
    - New: Designer can now load AVI streams that are uncompressed or use MJPEG compression as anims; this is
      useful if you need to use true colour animations which aren't supported by the IFF ANIM and GIF ANIM
      formats; you can use AVI streams for that instead (requested by Christoph Poelzl)
    - Change: Designer supports the new platform targets that have been introduced with Hollywood 5.0
      now (Linux PPC, OS3 FPU, and Win32 Console)
    - Change [WarpOS]: PNG decoder runs on the PPC context now; gives a good speed increase when
      loading the program
    - Change: Platform independent font engine now also takes fonts stored locally in the project's
      "Fonts" drawer into account
    - New: Added option "Do not wait for buttons and keyboard automatically" to the project properties
      dialog; if you select this option Designer will not wait for events at the end of each page but
      will jump right to the next page; this makes only sense if you manually call the "Wait event"
      action event or if you use buttons and keyboard events with the "immediate" option
    - New: Introducing support for keyboard events! Many people requested this feature so here it is:
      you can now define action events that should be executed when a certain key is pressed or
      released; key events are always defined on a per page basis; additional available options are
      "Immediately available" which makes the key event immediately accessible (same as for buttons)
      and "Enable auto repeat" which will cause multiple events in case a key is held down for a
      longer time
    - Fix: Potential crash when page failed to load because of missing data files and you tried to
      modify page properties by double-clicking in the columns of the page manager or accessing
      the page manager's context menu
    - Fix: Refresh problems with the object's grab spot when using the object options dialog
    - Fix: Designer forgot to refresh the layout dialog when you inserted new objects with the
      "Layers" page being the active one in the object dialog
    - New: "Change object options" action event can now handle all the new layer filters; allows for
      great effects to be created!
    - New: Added support for picture pages with alpha channel or RGB color transparency; if you
      specify a transparency option for a picture page, the background will be filled the backfill
      style you specify
    - New: Added build for 68k systems with a 68881/2 FPU; this gives a great speedup on most of the
      new filters because floating point operations are much faster on an FPU equipped system
    - New: Context sensitive mouse pointers are now displayed when the mouse is over a button
      (currently only supported on MorphOS 2.0 and OS4.1)
    - New: Added support for multi-color gradients; can be used for some nice effects!
    - New: Added support for radial and conical gradients including fine-tuned control for gradient
      center point, border, and balance settings
    - Change: Rewrote shadow and border algorithms; they are slower now but look much better!
    - Change: Removed shadow and border settings from the form edit and text edit dialogs and added
      generic shadow and border filters to the object options dialog; every object (except videos)
      can now have a nice shadow and/or border effect!
    - New: Added support for all the cool layer filters of Hollywood 5.0; you can access them from
      the object options dialog; these new filters allow applying great effects in realtime
    - New: Added support for Hollywood anim plugins; Designer can now load all anim formats that
      you have a plugin for
    - New: Added "Use curve-based vector graphics" option to project properties dialog; this will
      enable real curves in vectors which leads to much better looking circles and other round
      shapes; it requires a vector graphics plugin to be installed, though
    - Change: "Wait left mouse", "Wait right mouse" and "Wait key" action events now wait for the
      key to be up again before starting the wait; necessary to avoid that multiple wait events
      are triggered at once (reported by Philippe Ferrucci)
    - New: Action events "Move object" and "Scale object" also work for video objects now
    - New: Added the following new action events for controlling video playback: "Play video",
      "Stop video", "Pause video", "Resume video", "Seek video", and "Wait video"
    - New: Added support for Hollywood video plugins; Designer can now load all video formats that
      you have a plugin for
    - New: Added support for video objects; many users waited for this feature so finally here it
      is: You can now embed videos on your Designer pages! Please note, though, that they will
      currently always appear in front of all other objects because Hollywood uses hardware
      accelerated overlay playback which is always on the front; also, it's not possible to assign
      a transparency or tint setting to video objects and they won't work with all the action
      events either because they're currently not integrated into Hollywood's layers' system; the
      only video format supported by Designer directly is CDXL video
    - New: Added backfill settings to the properties dialog for pages of type 'picture'; this
      backfill is only used for pictures which have an alpha channel; because Designer doesn't support
      transparent pages, a backfill needs to be applied for pages that use transparent pictures
    - New: Added support for the Hollywood image plugin; this makes it possible to use SVG vector
      graphics now in Designer if you have the appropriate plugin installed
    - New: Added support for the new Hollywood 5.0 plugin API; Designer will scan LIBS:Hollywood
      on startup and load all available plugins; you can view them by selecting the "?/Plugins"
    - Change: Code for editable text objects is now only executed in case there are editable text
      objects in the current project
    - Fix: Event lists were not stopped on page change events which could lead to errors because
      these event lists tried to access layers from the previous page (reported by Christoph Poelzl)
    - Fix: Crash when undoing certain page operations from a page that was not the currently active one
    - Fix: Pattern mask for anims did not contain image formats like png, tiff etc. (reported
      by Christoph Poelzl)
    - New: Added possibility to set up a page that should be displayed as a screenblanker page
      after a certain time of inactivity (requested by Christoph Poelzl)
    - New: The delete page confirmation requester can now be disabled in the preferences dialog;
      normally, a confirmation dialog is always shown when you try to delete a page that has one
      or more objects on it; if you don't want this dialog, enable the corresponding option in
      the preferences dialog
    - New: You can now configure the Hollywood path in the new preferences dialog
    - New: You can now specify a default anchor point that will be used when creating a new
      object (requested by Christoph Poelzl)
    - Fix [MorphOS]: Under rare circumstances Designer could crash when deleting a page (reported
      by Christoph Poelzl)
    - Change: Object options & color choose dialogs will now be openend automatically on startup
      if they were open when Designer was shut down (requested by Christoph Poelzl)
    - New: Color chooser dialog can now stay open permanently (requested by Christoph Poelzl)
    - New: Presentations can now be password protected (requested by Christoph Poelzl)
    - New: You can now define your own color palette; this is useful if you often need to work
      with the same colors (requested by Christoph Poelzl)
    - New: Added preferences dialog and moved the thumbnail and Hollywood arguments configuration
      from the project properties to this new dialog
    - Fix: Project icons were not copied to new location when using "Save as..." (reported by
      Torgeir Vee)
    - Fix: Bug in the platform independent font engine's metrics cache could cause slightly
      wrong aligned text
    - Fix [OS3]: Interlaced PNG images didn't work correctly (reported by Murmel)
    - Fix: Pages with many brushes could cause a "Too many local variables" Hollywood error
      (reported by Daniel Hutchinson and Torgeir Vee)
    - Fix: Page jumping server didn't act correctly when a page jump event happened while a
      sound was played synchronously
    - Fix: Percent sign didn't work in text objects (reported by Christoph Poelzl)
    - New: Added Linux to the list of target platforms; Linux is supported since Hollywood v4.8
    - New: Added shortcuts for accessing the thumbnail viewer and for inserting a new action
      object to the left/top toolbars
    - Fix: Tinting didn't work in the "Animate object" action event (reported by Rafal Chyla)
    - Fix: %> change page command didn't work when called from the "Run code" action event
      (reported by Samuli Holopainen)
    - Fix: Video recorder didn't work from current page (reported by Christoph Poelzl)

    Version 3.0    (23-Jan-11)

    - Change: Updated catalog descriptions and German translation; added new developer
      files for doing new translations
    - Change: Updated Designer documentation; removed German documentation (it's too much
      work to keep it up to date, sorry [VOID; because of user protest the German documentation
      is now maintained again])
    - Fix: Finally fixed the long standing write protected problem that happened on
      WinUAE during the installation; all files are unprotected now during installation
    - New: Added two new example projects: "Badger" shows how to use a timeline and "Welcome New"
      is a Designer version of the standard Hollywood welcome script
    - New: Added "Import images" functionality; allows you to import a complete drawer full of
      images into the current project; optionally the images can be scaled, and you can set delay
      and transition effect options
    - Fix [OS4]: Some problems with OS4's SystemTags() command (reported by Nick Clover)
    - Fix: Some fixes in the online help system (page dialogs often displayed the documentation
      of the corresponding object dialog)
    - New: Action objects can now also be passive; this means that they won't be executed automatically;
      instead you have to manually start them using the "Start action" action event
    - New: Added thumbnail viewer; this dialog creates thumbnails from all pages in the current
      project and shows them in a lister (requested by many people)
    - New: Added "Move page" dialog to the page menu; allows you to move a page to a new location;
      this is useful for large projects so that you don't have to click "Move up"/"Move down"
      dozens of times (requested by Torgeir Vee)
    - Change: Updated the Feature Presentation example project; it now demonstrates some features
      of Hollywood Designer 3.0, too
    - Fix: Bubble auto form did not work when saving projects
    - New: Added "Goto page" dialog to the page menu; allows you to jump to a page by specifying
      its number; useful for large projects with dozens of pages (requested by Torgeir Vee)
    - New: Text object dialog allows you to manually enter a font name and size instead of using
      the system's font requester; manually entering font name and size is especially useful
      when using the platform independent font renderer because fonts supported by the platform
      independent font renderer often do not appear in the system's font requester because they
      do not need to be installed prior to use
    - New: Text object dialog now allows you to access three inbuilt fonts: Sans, Serif, and
      Monospace; these fonts are inbuilt into Hollywood and thus available on every system, and
      they will always look exactly the same
    - New: Arrowheads can now be added to line objects; you can choose between a single and
      double arrowhead; useful for diagrams
    - Change: When you chooose "No" in the replace font dialog, Designer will use an inbuilt
      sans font for the text object instead of failing altogether
    - Change: Replacement of non existing fonts is now done globally; you just have to select a
      single font for each non existing font; previously, you had to select a font for every
      single font size which could lead to lots of replacement operations; also, all fonts are
      checked now when the project is loaded; previously, they were checked on a per-page-basis
      which could become cumbersome with larger projects
    - Change [OS3]: pngalpha.library is no longer required by the 68k version of Designer; this
      also makes loading alpha channel PNG images faster because this is directly done
      by Designer now
    - New: Text objects are now using UTF-8 encoding internally; this ensures that text will look
      the same when opening projects on a system that uses a charset that is different from the
      one used when creating the project; requires codesets.library
    - New: Project path is now shown in project properties dialog
    - Change: Internal file copier now preserves date, time, and attributes of source file
    - New: Added "Wait all FX" event type and "Wait for FX to finish before skipping to next page"
      global project setting
    - New: MorphOS version of Designer uses fancy 32-bit icons in the list views now (made
      possible by MUI 4)
    - New: When the scaling engine is enabled, you can now tell the presentation to keep its
      proportions always and you can have the scaling resolution automatically chosen from
      the current resolution of the desktop screen (requested by Torgeir Vee)
    - New: Added support for specifying custom icons that will be used by executables created
      using Hollywood Designer (requested by Torgeir Vee)
    - New: Added support for platform independent font rendering; if you activate the respective
      checkmark in the project properties, fonts will look exactly the same on every system
      (requested by Torgeir Vee and many others)
    - New: Added "Set texture offset" action and "Texture X"/"Texture Y" tags for the
      "Animate object" action; allows you to scroll textures very easily
    - New: You can now specify a starting offset for textured auto forms and pages
    - New: Added support for many new transition effects: #ZOOMWEST, #ZOOMEAST, #ZOOMNORTH,
    - Fix: Custom code did only handle the first %> sequence (reported by Samuli Holopainen)
    - New: Added "Stop animate object" and "Wait animate object" actions
    - New: "Save as" dialog supports specifying a new name for the project
    - Change: When replacing a non existing font, it is now replaced on all pages in the
      project instead of only the current page
    - New: Added separate fx icon views for object and remove object effects; this should've
      already been done for Designer 1.0 but it was a lot of work so it was delayed until now;
      well, finally the fx icons make sense in remove object mode, too!
    - New: Added toolbar icons for Save executable, Save video, and Project properties
    - New: Added nice image to Designer's layout area that is displayed only when no project
      is open
    - Change: Replaced ASL screenmode requester by a cycle gadget
    - Change: Toolbars are no longer user configurable and have been merged into Designer.sys
    - Change: Text editor and code editor dialogs use PNG toolbars with alpha channel now
    - New: Added "Immediate availability" mode for buttons; when selecting this mode, all buttons
      will be immediately when Designer reaches the object's position in the script; if the mode
      is not selected, all buttons won't be accessible before Designer enters into its wait state
      at the end of each page (that was also the default way in Designer 1 & 2)
    - New: Added "Wait left mouse", "Wait right mouse", "Wait key", "Move object", and
      "Change object hierarchy" event types
    - New: Added support anchor points; all rotate and scaling operations will be made using
      the anchor point as the center; the anchor point is defined as a floating point value
      ranging from 0.0/0.0 (top left corner) to 1.0/1.0 (bottom left corner)
    - New: Added "Start action" and "Stop action" event types; allows for even more flexibility
      with event lists
    - New: Added "Animate object" event type; this event allows you to animate objects very
      easily by just defining the movements (translate, scale, rotate, tint, transparency), the
      speed, and the number of frames
    - New: Added "Show anim frame" event type
    - New: Added possibility to define anims from a list of single pictures or several frames
      inside a single picture; this is very useful if you want to use anims with alpha channel
      which the anim formats of IFF & GIF don't support
    - New: Asynchronous and looping event lists are now possible! This enables you to create very
      flexible interactive presentations because you can have unlimited event lists (i.e. sub
      programs) running at the same time!
    - New: Added several new event types: Play animation, Stop animation, Wait animation, Wait FX,
      Wait timeline
    - New: Added "No playback" mode for anims
    - New: Added "Delay" event list type; allows you to wait a specified amount of milliseconds
    - New: Added two new playback modes for anims: "Local sync'ed playback" and "Global sync'ed
      playback"; the former allows you to sync playback of several anim objects on a single page
      while the latter allows you to sync playback of anim objects across pages (e.g. a rotating
      logo in the top left corner of all pages etc.)
    - New: Added timeline support; you can now assign a time stamp for every page and Designer
      will jump to this page when the specified time has elapsed; it is advised to use the
      preload option when creating a timeline project because otherwise the timing might not
      be exact; alternatively, you can set the time stamp a little bit earlier and then use
      a "Wait timeline" event in an action object
    - New: Added support for preloading the whole project before starting it; you can tick
      this preload box in the project properties
    - New: Object manager is now separated into "Script" and "Layers"; script contains a list
      that defines when what happens on the page and layers contains the order of the different
      objects on the page; this new organization allows you to create objects that will appear
      behind other objects on the page although they are displayed after them; previously, it
      was not possible to have objects appear behind other objects
    - New: Added garbage collection for sounds; previously, they were never unloaded which
      could lead to quite heavy memory consumption; with the new implementation, Designer
      will try to free sounds when they're no longer needed
    - Fix: Context menu in page manager didn't work with newer versions of NListview
    - Change: All global variables used by Designer's code generator are now prefixed with
      "__" to prevent accidental mixups with variables used by user specified custom code
    - New: Added support for specifying a custom transition effect speed (requested by
      Torgeir Vee)
    - New: When setting the display mode of asynchronous anims to "Background", these anims
      will now already play while the transition effect is in progress!
    - New: Added realtime page transition effects, i.e. async anims or object effects will
      continue running when switching pages with transition effects; a very cool feature!
    - New: Added support for realtime fx for animations (i.e. transition effects can run
      on anim while the anim is playing)
    - Fix: Bug in the layout class; when working with huge pages (scrollers are active),
      toolbar clicks were accidentally handled by the layout class; this bug was only
      noticed with MUI 3.9 and up
    - New: Added option to play anims at their default speed (the speed as it is defined
      in the animation file in contrast to a constant, user given speed)
    - New: Added support for embedding GIF anims in your presentation
    - New: Added possibility to specify additional command line arguments to the Hollywood
      player and compiler; useful to temporarily enable stuff like the resource monitor etc.
    - New: Added "Open URL" event that can be used to launch the browser with the specified
      URL (requested by Torgeir Vee)
    - New: Programs can be linked into executables now, too; just tick the checkmark in the
      appropriate event list entry; NB: this doesn't work under Mac OS; if you want to use
      it under Windows, make sure your programs use the *.exe extension! (requested by
      Torgeir Vee)
    - New: Data manager has a new tab now which shows all references to mouse pointer images
    - New: Added some useful new events that can be used with buttons and action objects; the
      following new events are supported now: Change object color, Change object rotation,
      Change object size, Change object style, Change object options, Change mouse pointer;
      this is all very powerful... use it wisely! More events are upcoming!
    - Fix: Memory leak when cancelling the "Select RGB color transparency" dialog (brushes
      and animations only)
    - New: Brush edit and animation edit dialogs can be used now to change the brush file
      and/or animation file
    - Change: Wordwrapping boundary can be configured in the edit text dialog (but only
      when called from an event list entry)
    - Change: Round level slider is back in the form edit dialog :-)
    - Change: Start and end angles of the elliptic arc can now also be configured from the
      form edit dialog
    - Change: Layers in the generated Hollywood script will now be addressed exclusively
      by their name; this makes it possible for user code executed during action objects
      to change layer positions, insert new ones, remove old ones etc.; full flexibility
      is now here!
    - New: With the introduction of action objects, the remove object is no longer needed;
      thus, support for it has been removed; to keep compatibility with older projects,
      remove objects are automatically converted into action objects during project loading
    - New: Introducing a new object type: The Action object! Objects of the action type
      allow you to run event lists independent of user input; this is very useful to
      create interesting new effects
    - New: Event system completely rewritten; it is now based on event lists which allow
      a much more flexible event coordination and management; event lists open up many
      interesting new possibilities... I'm excited to see what can be done with them! :)
    - Fix: Table elements and functions could not be used as arguments to the special text
      object identifier %#(xxx) (reported by Lazar Zoltan)
    - New: Save executable dialog allows you to choose whether or not old executables shall
      be silently overwritten
    - New: You can create applets now, too
    - New: It's now possible to create executables for multiple platforms in one go; very
      useful especially for larger projects
    - New: You can specify your own icon sets now for new Designer projects; simply put the
      desired icons in the "Icons.ini" file in the Designer directory (requested by Christoph
    - New: Added possibility to disable the following hotkeys in your project: page navigation
      via cursor keys, pause key, full screen switching using cmd+return, hiding using cmd+h,
      quit using escape or ctrl-c
    - New: You can pause your presentations at any time by pressing the SPACE key
    - New: Page navigation using the cursor keys left/right is now possible
    - New: Added support for objects that are always on the front; allows for some nice
      layer effects [VOID; use the new layer manager instead]
    - New: Added support for object tinting
    - New: Added support for object transparency
    - New: Added support for text object rotation
    - New: Added support for stretching text in horizontal and vertical direction
    - New: Bitmap text objects can be scaled now, too
    - New: Added workaround for text layout problem; as Hollywood uses the text renderer of the
      OS it runs on, TrueType text will always look a little bit different on each system;
      there's no way around this except using a custom text renderer built into Hollywood;but
      now at least the layout is memorized and will look the same on each system (requested by
      Torgeir Vee)
    - New: Added support for linking all fonts that a project uses into the final executable;
      if you something about the AmigaOS font API then you will acknowledge that this is pretty
      tough to implement but Hollywood can do it still :)  (requested by Torgeir Vee)
    - Change: Designer uses the latest Hollywood text engine now
    - New: Added support for Hollywood 4's new scaling engines; in the project properties dialog
      you now find some buttons that allow you to define scaling settings
    - New: Added support for preventing user changes to the look of the presentation executable
      created by Designer; ONLY if "Allow user changes to display" is enabled, the user will
      be able to change the look of your presentation via tool types or command line; by default,
      user changes are disabled now which means that the look will always be as you choose it
      to be
    - New: Added support for express screen mode configuration: You can now simply select
      "Full screen (auto)" and "Full screen (fake)" instead of configuring everything manually
    - Fix: Most of the settings in the project properties (for example full screen, backfill...)
      did not work under Windows & Mac OS because they were written to the tooltypes of the
      executable icon; now they're written right into the script so full screen et al. finally
      works under Win & Mac, too! (reported by Janne Peräaho)
    - Change: Removed master volume setting; AHI sound distortion should not be a problem
      any more these days
    - New: If an object has a UID, this id will be assigned automatically to its layer in
      Hollywood using SetLayerName(), so you can have an even easier access to the layer
      than with the %!OBJECTID parameter
    - New: Start frame of animations can be specified; the special mode "Continue previous"
      allows you to use animations that run continuously over multiple pages [VOID; use globally
      sync'ed playback]
    - New: Animations can now be displayed asynchronously and looped forever!
    - New: Transition effects can now be displayed asynchronously!
    - Fix: Compiling projects that reside on the root directory of a drive did not work
    - New: Added support for anim rotation
    - Fix: Fixed a quite severe display error under MUI 4.0 (reported by Christoph Poelzl)
    - Change: Anim speed uses millisecond precision now
    - Fix: Potentially fatal illegal memory access on closing the "Project properties" dialog
      and on undo/redo in that dialog
    - Fix: "Show busy pointer" feature works with Hollywood 4.0 now
    - New: Added ability to save only a certain range of pages when choosing "Save as"
      (requested by Torgeir Vee)
    - New: Added expire date feature (requested by Torgeir Vee); this feature is only available
      for premium customers
    - Fix: Selecting a transparent color did not work under OS4.1 (reported by Paul Bloedel)
    - Fix: Bug in remove object references code could cause an illegal memory access during
      project compilation (reported by Torgeir Vee)
    - New: Added support for saving executables for Mac OS Intel
    - Change: Optimized loading routines; now about 70% faster!
    - New: Added support for video export which is possible since Hollywood 4.0; you can specify
      the video format, frames per second, dimensions, and whether or not the video should be
      scaled to a specific resolution

    Version 2.1    (23-Mar-08)

    - Change: Updated Designer documentation
    - Fix: Backfill picture positioning was not always correct
    - Fix: Tooltypes were not saved correctly to the program and script icon
    - Change: The "Insert code" dialogs now use "#?(.hws|.txt)" as the filter (suggested by
      Michael Jurisch)
    - New: Added keyboard short cuts for "Duplicate page", "Horizonal center", "Vertical center"
      and the remove object modes (requested by Torgeir Vee)
    - New: All data files can now be linked to the final executable; this is very useful to protect
      your data (requested by Torgeir Vee)
    - New: Added "Confirm save" option; can be enabled using the checkmark in the menu; if enabled
      you will always be asked before Designer saves the project (requested by Torgeir Vee)
    - New: Added "Save as..." functionality; allows you to save your project to another place on
      your hard drive (requested by Torgeir Vee)
    - New: Added "Import project..." functionality; this feature allows you to import all pages
      from another project into the current project; all data files of the project to be imported
      are copied to the current project data folders; if conflicting UIDs occur the import will
      be aborted (requested by Torgeir Vee)

    Version 2.0 R2 (01-Feb-08)

    - New: Hollywood Designer can save executables for Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS
    - Change: Adapted Hollywood Designer to work with Hollywood 3: Evolution
    - New: HAM6 and HAM8 animations are supported now correctly
    - Change: MorphOS version does not use animation.datatype any longer
    - Fix: Incorrent behaviour when switching to a page that has the same background picture
      as the previous page
    - Fix: Transparent color selector for the backfill picture did not work
    - Fix: Shadow transparency for text objects works correctly now (reported by Paul
    - Fix: Text editor objects were created in the wrong order; this had no practical
      consequences because gcc and SAS/C evaluates from left to right; with vbcc however,
      it would make problems

    Version 2.0 R1 (19-Mar-07)

    - Change: Hollywood Designer 2.0 uses the charset of the system now under AmigaOS4; so
      you can also create Polish text objects etc. (reported by Rafal Chyla)

    Version 2.0    (17-Mar-07)

    - Change: Updated installer; added recent versions of the MUI custom classes; thanks to
      Jens Langner the source codes of TextEditor.mcc and BetterString.mcc has been rescued
      so that we now have OS4 and MorphOS native versions of these classes!
    - Change: Updated Designer documentation
    - Change: Updated catalog descriptions and German translation
    - Change: New easter egg
    - Change: Added new credits roll
    - Change: Added new splash screen with Hollywood Designer 2 logo
    - Change: Switched keyfile system to the 256k RAM image
    - Fix: Some fixes in the Feature Presentation for Designer 2.0
    - Fix: Changed some things to make Hollywood Designer work with the new MUI 4.0 which is really
      an incredible piece of software (the logo sucks though)
    - New: Added dynamic font name remapping for the Bitstream Vera Sans family (the .font files
      for this true type font have different names on OS4, MorphOS, and AROS); this feature is
      brought to you by Dolannes Melodie
    - New: Added 32-bit transfer animations for the copy and setup dialogs; thanks to Martin
      Merz for this new "2007-style" look!
    - Change: New graphics for the FX preview mode
    - New: Picture pages can be scaled using anti-alias interpolation now, too
    - Fix: Several memory access faults which caused the program to crash under OS4 final
    - Fix: If you cancelled an "edit page properties" dialog and then tried to insert a new
      page, it would not work correctly
    - New: Hollywood Designer is now also available in a native version for WarpOS PPC! This
      gives a really good speed-up over the 68k version!
    - New: Hollywood Designer can now export executables for AROS i386!
    - Change: Designer.sys uses a new modular format now; the old format was still a relic
      from Hollywood 1.0 and not really suitable for all the different changes that have
      been made in the meantime
    - New: Animations can be scaled now too; the new unification of disk anims/memory anims makes
      it possible!
    - Change: Removed FPS limit settings from project properties; FPS limit is no longer
      supported in Hollywood 2.0 and up
    - Fix: Page skip on "on mouse right click" event was not reorganized correctly when pages
      were added, removed or moved
    - Fix: When testing code, an external task is used to launch Hollywood so that the window
      refresh of Hollywood Designer is not blocked (important for simple refresh displays, e.g.
      MUI under MorphOS and OS4)
    - Change: When you press the button to test the syntax of custom code and there is an error,
      Hollywood will now display the correct line of the syntax error; this is possible with
      Hollywood 2.0 because it does no longer require the %CODE keyword
    - Fix: When you deleted all pages of your project, the "Save project" button became disabled
      and would not be enabled again even if you added new pages to the project
    - New: Implemented a convenient undo/redo system; the old system from Designer 1.0 was
      merely a dummy which could only undo/redo object movements; with the new implementation
      ALL operations can be undone/redone; however, the system only keeps one operation in memory
      so be careful though
    - Fix: "Cut" enabled "Paste" button also if the user denied to have the object removed
    - Change: When the fx select dialog is popped up for the first time for an object or page
      and the user cancels it, the old settings of the object/page will be restored; this
      change also fixes a bug that occurred if you saved your project after cancelling the
      initial fx select dialog; Designer would then save a broken project which had to be
      fixed manually to work again
    - Change: Added another workaround for a bug in the MorphOS & OS4 MUI 3.9
    - Fix: The object list in the event edit dialog did not show the correct icon for remove
    - Change: The "edit object/page dimension" dialog now recalculates the corresponding
      dimension on the fly when "keep aspect ratio" is on; avoids some problems which could
      occur with the old implementation which calculated the missing dimension on return press
    - New: When rotating and/or scaling a brush, you can now choose to have the transformed
      version anti-aliased which gives a better look
    - New: You can choose whether or not the button shall be deactivated while its object
      is hidden (Designer 1.0 always hid the button of an object that was not visible)
    - New: Buttons can now be irregular shaped! Check the corresponding mark in the events
      dialog of your object to activate this feature (in Designer 1.0 the buttons were
      always rectangular)
    - New: Hollywood Designer will now generate Hollywood 2.0-style scripts; every page is
      encapsulated in a function; buttons are also implemented in the 2.0 way now, i.e.
      MakeButton() is used; this switch might break your old project because the new button
      library does not trigger OnMouseUp if the mouse button is released while the pointer is
      not over the button; if your project depends on this behaviour, you have to adapt it
    - New: Added support for anti-aliasing for the graphics primitives; the aliasing algorithm
      for the round forms is still line based so don't expect absolutely stunning round forms; the
      forms with normal lines look brilliant though
    - New: Added support for object rotation; all objects except texts, anims, and lines can be
      rotated now; just click two times on the object and use the circular spots then to rotate
      the object
    - New: Added support for auto forms; there are many pre-defined forms available now from
      the auto form menu (e.g. arrows, stars, bangs, bubbles etc.); all form styles like
      shadow and edge supported for these forms; furthermore, you can modify the look of these
      forms by dragging the spots in them around
    - New: Added support for the elliptic arc; you can easily define the start and end angles
      by dragging the two spots to the desired angle; clockwise and anti-clockwise orientation
      is supported
    - New: Data manager has an additional page now which displays all the files used in the
      project which are not located in the standard Designer directories
    - New: Data manager now also looks for files in the other standard Designer directories;
      e.g. it will also display references to a background picture which is stored in "Sounds"
      or a brush which is stored in "Patterns" now
    - Change: Some more cosmetic changes to the GUI; removed the title text objects from many
      dialog boxes; the title is already in the title bar of the dialog box
    - New: Added support for custom shaped polygon objects; you can create them by choosing
      the vertices with your mouse
    - New: Added support for shadow transparency (supported by text objects and graphics
      primitives now)
    - New: Added support for different fill styles for the graphics primitives: You can choose
      between color fill, gradient fill, texture fill and no fill (outline mode with variable
      line thickness)
    - Change: Added some sanity checks to the program which are necessary because the MUI 3.9
      that comes with MorphOS 1.4.5 has a serious bug: It allows the user to select context
      menus that have been disabled; OS4 version of MUI 3.9 is not affected
    - Change: Stock object names (e.g. "Rectangle 320x240") are now automatically adapted when
      the size of the object is changed; custom names won't be touched of course
    - New: Rotation of gradients in pages of type "gradient" are supported now
    - Change: Current color is not changed automatically to the front color of the selected
      object; you always have to change it manually
    - New: When creating new forms, they won't be clipped against the layout dialog's border
      any longer; you can create forms which are larger than the dialog now
    - Change: The position entered in the "Object position dialog" specifies the position of
      the main object now; it is no longer the position of the whole object (incl. shadow,
      border etc.); just the main object
    - Change: New forms will only inherit the current color; border & shadow will no longer
      be automatically applied to new forms
    - Fix: Required Hollywood version specified in the project's "Properties" dialog is now
      checked to be present before running the script
    - New: Initial aspect-ratio of all pages and objects is now preserved and saved with the
      project; this prevents distortion when scaling objects/pages down to a tiny size and then
      up again
    - New: Replaced the two toolbars in the layout dialog with better looking 24-bit ones; the
      new ones have an alpha channel so they look good with any background; if you do not have
      a PNG datatype, you can still use the old toolbars which are included in the distribution
      too; you may also install custom toolbars; just adapt the toolbars.ini file
    - New: Pages can now be duplicated very easily; just use the new "Duplicate page" item from
      the menu; many users wanted this feature, so here it is; the whole page is cloned except
      the page UID and sound file UIDs because those must all be unique in the project and thus
      cannot be cloned
    - New: Border and shadow are now drawn around each slide
    - Change: Changed the background of the layout dialog: A static color is now used instead of
      the bit pattern; the bit pattern was a bit problematic on some TFTs (flickered a lot); you
      can define the color to use in Designer.ini (field: "Layout dialog color")
    - Change: New algorithm for thick lines; shadow and edge no longer supported for lines
    - Change: Edge and shadow are now drawn using the new SetFormStyle() function of Hollywood
    - New: When a text object is selected, you can click on it another time which enables
      word-wrapped scaling: You can then simply drag the boundary of the text object to
      the desired size and Designer will automatically wrap the words of the text object
      so that they fit the selected size
    - Change: You can snapshot the following dialogs now: Layout dialog, object manager,
      page manager; this allows you to arrange those dialogs the way you like it
    - New: Implemented scaling support for vector text objects; simply drag them to the
      desired size; anti-aliasing fully supported
    - New: Heavily improved the dialog that is used to create text objects: You can now
      create text objects that use more than one text style and the text color can also vary
      within a text object
    - New: Added support for anti-aliased fonts; many people asked for this feature so here
      it is!
    - New: If a project file uses a font that cannot be found, the user is asked to select
      a replacement font
    - Fix: If Bold, Italic, and Underlined tags were present in *.hwd files, the text object
      automatically inherited these styles even if the tags were set to FALSE
    - Change: Font implementation. Fonts are now usually loaded from the system directories.
      If a font cannot be found in the system, Designer will try to load it from the project's
      directory. Removed the "Install fonts" feature; this does not fit into the concept
      any longer. Fonts should stay in the system directory.
    - Change: Edit text dialog now uses the standard ASL font requester instead of my
      own requester
    - Change: Removed the color manager. All colors can now be selected by using Poppen.mui
      class. Although the color manager looked pretty nice, its implementation was a total
      mess because of conflicts with MUI and BOOPSI classes. On top of that, MorphOS comes
      with a buggy gradientslider.gadget which does not show any gradient at all (50.4) or
      in the wrong direction (50.5). Well, I really did not want to keep this lousy implementation
      especially with MUI4 on the way and AROS's Zune gaining more and more users. I do not
      think the color manager would have worked with any of those new MUIs, so I'm now doing
      everything "the safe way". Colors can now be selected in the "Edit form" and "Edit text"
      dialogs and there's a single color gadget on the left hand side of the layout dialog
      allowing you to configure the primary color.
    - Fix: Remove object references and event object references were not re-organized when
      a remove object was killed. This was a serious bug which could totally break your
      project. Pretty bad that it has not been discovered earlier.
    - Fix: Undo/Redo cache was not cleared when the user switched pages [VOID; page independent
      undo system is now implemented, Jan. 2007]
    - New: When selecting an object, an X is drawn in the middle of the object. You can use
      this X to drag the object around. This is especially useful for objects which are behind
      other objects. For objects on the front, you do not have to use the X to drag them. You
      can click anywhere you want
    - New: Changed the way the object selector works. When selecting an object, Designer draws
      eight boxes around the object now. These boxes allow you to scale objects by simply
      dragging them to the desired size with your mouse. Much better than entering the size
      by hand, isn't it? Undo/redo also supported here.
    - Fix: Rectangle border and shadow do no longer look like interlace now
    - Fix: When shadow direction was NORTH/SOUTH the object width was calculated wrong; when
      shadow direction was EAST/WEST the object height was calculated wrong; this had no practical
      impediments but wasted some memory
    - New: The object dimension window for brush objects now has a "reset" button which resets
      the size to its original one
    - New: Brushes with alpha channel are supported now
    - Fix: Objects that were out of the screen led to a crash of Designer if their coordinates
      were smaller than their dimensions (e.g. -80:-80 for a 64x64 brush). It is impossible
      to move objects by hand to such a position but it could be achieved by either editing
      the *.hwd file or by scaling the object up, then move it out of the screen and scale it
      down again
    - Fix: pickrgbclass.c did not work correctly when used with a scaled image
    - Fix: Two brushes of the same size but with different transparency options did not
      work on the same page
    - Fix: Object position editor and line dimensions editor did not accept negative
      coordinates (reported by Dominic Widmer)
    - Change: Animation objects use real anim layers which are supported by Hollywood 2.x
    - Change: ptahiplay.library no longer required
    - New: MP3 files are now supported. All sound format handling is now done by Hollywood
      itself. Also the "Test sound" button calls Hollywood now. This is useful because
      Designer can then automatically play any new formats that Hollywood will support in
      the future.
    - New: Removed all internal MUI restrictions which prevented the user from changing
      the look of the application. All MUI features work now with Hollywood Designer. You
      can customize the look, iconify the application, change the screen mode on the fly
      and so on.
    - Change: Removed low memory mode; no longer supported
    - Change: guigfx and render libraries no longer required; Designer works only
      on screen modes > 8 bit now
    - Fix: Bug in the internal picture cache could lead to an "Out of memory" error
      on OS4 (under very special circumstances)
    - Change: Code optimization and clean-up

    Version 1.01  (17-Mar-05)

    - Change: Updated documentation
    - Change: Slightly changed the Protracker implementation because of problems
      with AHI on OS4 (now using ptahiplay.library v2.0)
    - New: Integration of the AmigaOS4 version of Hollywood allows Designer to
      create OS4 executables too
    - New: AmigaOS4 now officially supported!
    - Change: Improved the method of retrieving version information about the
      Hollywood/Designer components in the version dialog
    - Fix: Using absolute path to MultiView now so it works fine on AmigaOS4
      and MorphOS
    - Fix: Syntax check did not work if project path had spaces in its names
    - Fix: Added workaround for the annoying NList doubleclick issue
    - Fix: Redraw problems at the end of the credits roll when moving the about
      window out of the screen (which is possible on OS4 and MorphOS)
    - Fix: Text width calculation was sometimes wrong for some fonts
    - Fix: Invoking the menu bar could crash the program because an invalid
      memory pointer was used
    - Fix: Fixed problems with moving pages up & down in the listview (MorphOS
      and AmigaOS4 only)
    - Fix: Some fixes in the sound system
    - Fix: Changing the display mode to "fx" and then cancelling the fx requester
      could result in a broken script
    - Fix: Changing the size of a picture page did not work at all (reported by
      Robert J. Williams)

    Version 1.0   (14-Apr-04)
    - First Release

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