2.1 Important information

If you want to publish your project, make sure that you compile it first!

You are absolutely not allowed to include the Hollywood interpreter in your package!

You may only distribute your project in one of the following formats:

The Hollywood interpreter is a commercial program which must not be distributed in any form. Please remember that.

If you want to publish your project, you have to make sure that you either compiled it to an executable or you are only distributing the sourcecode of your project (this will require the user to own the Hollywood interpreter then!)

Please also remember to inform your users what the requirements of your compiled script are. Have a look at the requirements chapter of your Hollywood documentation to find out what Hollywood needs. The user will need all libraries that Hollywood needs. If you use JPG, GIF or some other format in your script, the users will need the appropriate datatypes for instance. If your project uses sound, the users will need AHI installed.

Also, do not forget to include all the data that your project loads. This includes all fonts that your project uses.

Make sure that you compile your project for the right platform! If you compile your project only for WarpOS, it will not run on MorphOS or Amiga emulations like Amithlon or WinUAE! The best idea is to compile your project always for AmigaOS Classic (68k). Then it will run on every Amiga with Kickstart 3.0, on MorphOS and also on Amiga emulations.

You should also include the Settings tool which comes with your Hollywood distribution. It is located in the tools drawer in your Hollywood installation. Just copy the tool to your compiled project's directory and adapt the tooltypes and your users can control your compiled project very easily through a MUI GUI.

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