3.4 Object display modes

The way how objects are displayed depends on which display mode they have. Hollywood Designer offers three different display modes: Background, Simple and Effect. The mode "background" is an exception because objects that use this mode will be showed together with the page regardless on which position they are in the object manager. All backgrounds objects are visible as soon as their page is visible. But they still keep their layer positions. An object of the type "background" can be in front of an other object, if that other object is above the background object in the object manager. The display mode name "background" just stands for the fact that the object will be displayed together with the page and forms the page background. But it does not necessarily have to be behind the other objects!

The other display modes are "simple" and "effect": These objects will be shown when they it is their turn. When Hollywood prepares a page created in Designer, it iterates through all objects in the page and shows them one after another. Objects with the display mode "simple" will be displayed normally and objects with the display mode "effect" will be shown with a transition effect. Objects of the display mode "background" are already there at this point, because they were displayed with the page already!

There are some restrictions for objects that use the display mode "background": Because they are already there at the beginning, they cannot play any sound and they cannot have a delay option. Also it is not possible to create code with background objects.

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