11.5 Sound options dialog

Using this dialog you can add sound or music to your object. Simply select a sound file by clicking on the pop up button next to the string widget. The audio file must be in a format that is supported by Hollywood. There are three different sound types: Sound samples, Sound streams and Protracker modules. Sound samples are normal sounds which will be loaded completely into memory by Hollywood. Stream sounds will be streamed from disk by Hollywood (for example MP3s). After you have selected an audio file, Hollywood Designer will immediately check if the format can be loaded with Hollywood. If it cannot be loaded, an error message will be displayed.

For all sound types you can configure how many times the sound shall be played and you can set the playback volume. You can also configure whether the playback should start with the transition effect or after it. Of course, this is only effective in case there is a transition effect.

If you select a sound sample, you can configure additional parameters in this dialog. You can configure whether the sound shall be played through the left or right speaker only or through both speakers. You can also modify the pitch value of the sound (frequency in hertz) and you can specify if the sound shall be played synchronously or asynchronously. If you choose synchronous playback, Hollywood will wait until the sound has finished playing and continue with the project then. If you choose asynchronous playback, Hollywood will continue with the project right after starting the sound. Of course it does not make sense to play an unlimited looping sound synchronously because this would block your project forever. You can enter your own desired pitch value or choose one of the predefined pitches from the cycle widget. When you first load the sound, Hollywood Designer will set the "Pitch" widget to the recommended playback frequency.

You can click on "Test sound" to check how the audio will sound with the current parameters. The sound playback is fully done through AHI. Protracker modules are also played through AHI.

The "Identifier" widget is only for advanced users. You can use it to give your sound a unique identifier. Using this identifier, you can easily access this sound from custom code that you have embedded in your project. Please read the chapter Code dialog for more information.

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