11.3 Transition FX dialog

You can use the transition FX dialog to select an effect for your object or your page. You can also set the speed of the transition and some optional parameters. To select an effect, please click with left mouse on its icon.

The speed of the effect can be normal, fast or slow. Choose the one that fits your needs. If you choose "Customized", you need to enter a numeric custom speed value in the widget below the "Speed" cycle widget. The bigger the number you enter here, the faster the effect will run (enter 0 for fastest possible speed).

Some effects support additional parameters, which you can select in the "Style" cycle widget. The following styles are possible with some effects:

Default setting. No specific style.

Ease out
The effect speed will slow down noticeably before coming to an end.

The effect will be damped at the end.

Object will be moved on a sine wave.

Big sine
Object will be moved on a big sine wave.

Upper curve
Object will be moved on an upper curve.

Lower curve
Object will be moved on a lower curve.

If you want to see how your effect will look, you can click on the "Preview" button. Hollywood will be popped up then and your effect will be displayed.

Hollywood offers far more effects than you see in this dialog. If your favorite effect is not listed in this dialog, you have to click on the "custom effect" icon and then you can enter the identifier of your desired effect in the text widget. Do not forget the #-prefix. Have a look at the Hollywood documentation for an overview of all effects.

For object effects, you can also choose if the effect should be displayed synchronously or asynchronously. If you choose "synchronous" display mode, Hollywood Designer will wait for the effect to finish before continuing the project. If you choose "asynchronous" display mode, Hollywood Designer will start the effect and immediately continue the project. Asynchronous mode should be used if you want to display multiple objects with transition effects at the same time.

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