nurb:PwlCurve -- describe a piecewise linear NURBS trimming curve
nurb:PwlCurve(dataArray, type)
nurb:PwlCurve() describes a piecewise linear trimming curve for a NURBS surface. A piecewise linear curve consists of a list of coordinates of points in the parameter space for the NURBS surface to be trimmed. These points are connected with line segments to form a curve. If the curve is an approximation to a curve that is not piecewise linear, the points should be close enough in parameter space that the resulting path appears curved at the resolution used in the application.

If type is #GLU_MAP1_TRIM_2, then it describes a curve in two-dimensional (u and v) parameter space. If it is #GLU_MAP1_TRIM_3, then it describes a curve in two-dimensional homogeneous (u, v, and w) parameter space. See nurb:BeginTrim for more information about trimming curves.

To describe a trim curve that closely follows the contours of a NURBS surface, call nurb:Curve().

Please consult an OpenGL reference manual for more information.

specifies an array containing the curve points
specifies the type of curve; must be either #GLU_MAP1_TRIM_2 or #GLU_MAP1_TRIM_3

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