31.1 Overview

CRTBase contains many functions from the ANSI C runtime library. This is mostly only useful if you compile plugins for AmigaOS and compatibles because you won't be able to use many of the C runtime library functions directly because they require constructor and destructor code which is not supported by AmigaOS modules loaded via LoadSeg(). See C runtime limitations for details.

On all other systems you can just use the C runtime functions provided by your compiler directly. You should not use the ones from CRTBase. They are really just here to workaround AmigaOS module limitations.

Note that all functions that deal with files and expect a string will use Hollywood's default string encoding which is UTF-8 since Hollywood 7.0. This means that functions like fopen(), stat(), rename(), remove(), etc. will expect strings to be in UTF-8 encoding unless the Hollywood version handling your plugin is older than 7.0 or the script explicitly requests to be run in ISO 8859-1 compatibility mode. Note that this behaviour is different from the standard behaviour of functions like fopen(). Normally, they will expect strings to be in the system's default locale encoding. While this is typically UTF-8 on Linux, it certainly isn't UTF-8 on Windows or AmigaOS, for example.

CRTBase is available since Hollywood 5.0.

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