34.1 Overview

FT2Base contains most functions from the FreeType2 library. If you want to use any of these functions, you'll need the FreeType2 header files. Make sure to use compatible header files only. Hollywood uses version 2.3.12 of FreeType2 so you need to use the header files from exactly this version if you plan to use functions from the FT2Base library.

FT2Base is available since Hollywood 5.0. The WarpOS-native version of FT2Base, however, was added in Hollywood 5.3. So if you are developing a WarpOS plugin and want to make calls into FT2Base, you have to check for Hollywood 5.3 first.

Please consult your FreeType2 documentation for information on the individual functions supported by FT2Base.

The implementations of FT2Base in Hollywood Designer and Hollywood are identical.

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