GetHelpStrings -- get help strings for plugin commands (V7.0)
struct hwHelpStruct *list = GetHelpStrings(void);
This function is optional and must only be implemented if the HWEXT_LIBRARY_HELPSTRINGS extension bit has been set. See Extension plugins for details. In that case, GetHelpStrings() needs to return a table containing a help string and a node in the plugin's help file for each command. This is done by returning a pointer to an array of struct hwHelpStruct items. struct hwHelpStruct looks like this:

struct hwHelpStruct
    STRPTR HelpText;
    STRPTR Node;

Your implementation of GetHelpStrings() has to return an array of struct hwHelpStruct which has exactly the same number of items as returned by your GetCommands() implementation in exactly the same order. Both HelpText and Node can also be NULL if you do not want to provide a help text or node for a certain command. If Node is NULL, Hollywood will assume the name of the command (minus any dots) as the default node name. Note that in contrast to GetCommands(), NULL doesn't act as a list terminator for GetHelpStrings(). The number of items in the list returned by GetHelpStrings() is solely determined by the number of items in the list returned by GetCommands(). See GetCommands for details.

On Windows systems, Node usually describes the node of a CHM file. When pressing F1 in the Hollywood IDE on Windows while the cursor is currently over a plugin command, the IDE will automatically jump to this node in the CHM file. On AmigaOS, the node specifies a node inside an AmigaGuide file.

The HelpText item should follow the formatting rules of Hollywood's inbuilt commands. Here are some examples of what HelpText strings should look like:

id=OpenDirectory(id,dir$[,table]) -- open a directory
r=IsDirectory(f$) -- check for file or directory
MakeDirectory(dir$) -- make a new directory

Your HelpText should first specify the calling convention of your command (similar to what appears in the SYNOPSIS sections of the Hollywood manual) and then a short description of what the command does. The description should be separated from the calling convention by using two minus characters.


an array of struct hwHelpStruct elements

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