GetScript -- convert custom file to Hollywood script (V5.0)
STRPTR buf = GetScript(STRPTR file);
This function must examine the file that is passed to this function and if it is in a format that the plugin can handle, it must convert the file to a Hollywood script and return this script as a null-terminated string. Hollywood will then skip loading this file and it will run the script that it has received from GetScript() instead.

If GetScript() does not want to handle the file it is passed, it must return NULL.

For compatibility reasons, the returned script is expected to be in ISO 8859-1 encoding. You can change this by including the magic phrase ::utf8 in the very first 5 bytes that your GetScript() implementation returns. In that case, Hollywood will assume UTF-8 encoding for your script.

path to a file that the user wants Hollywood to run
null-terminated string containing a Hollywood script or NULL

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