19.1 Overview

Plugins that have the capability flag HWPLUG_CAPS_IPCADAPTER set can replace Hollywood's inbuilt handler for inter-process communication (IPC). Since inter-process communication is often closely tied to display adapters, plugins that install their own display adapters might also want to provide a custom adapter for inter-process communication. This plugin type makes that possible.

Hollywood will call your CreateIPCPort() function to create a port for inter-process communication. SendIPCMessage() will be called whenever Hollywood wants to send a message to an IPC port. When an IPC port receives a message, it must post it to Hollywood's event queue using the HWEVT_USERMESSAGE event type. See hw_PostEvent for details.

Please note that IPC adapters are not automatically initialized when Hollywood loads the plugin. Instead, you have to manually call hw_SetIPCAdapter() in your RequirePlugin() function to activate the IPC adapter. The IPC adapter will then only be activated if the user calls @REQUIRE on your plugin. Otherwise, Hollywood will use its default IPC handler. See Auto and manual plugin initialization for details.

See hw_SetIPCAdapter for information on how to install your IPC adapter.

This plugin type is supported since Hollywood 9.0.

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