1.1 Introduction

Welcome to the Hollywood Software Development Kit (SDK). This package contains all the necessary information and files to write your own Hollywood plugins. Plugins can greatly enhance Hollywood's functionality. They can provide load and save support for additional video, audio, image, icon, and sample formats, they can extend the command set of the Hollywood language as well as enable Hollywood to use real vector graphics and it is even possible to write plugins which replace core parts of Hollywood like its inbuilt display and audio driver with custom implementations provided by plugins. It is also possible to write plugins which convert project files of other applications like Scala or PowerPoint into Hollywood scripts so that Hollywood can run these project files directly although they are not in the *.hws format.

Hollywood plugins use the suffix *.hwp. On all systems except on AmigaOS and compatibles, plugins must be stored in a directory named "Plugins" that is in the same directory as the main Hollywood program. On AmigaOS and compatible systems, plugins must be installed to LIBS:Hollywood instead. On macOS, the "Plugins" directory must be inside the "Resources" directory of the application bundle, i.e. inside the HollywoodInterpreter.app/Contents/Resources directory. Note that HollywoodInterpreter.app is stored inside the Hollywood.app application bundle itself, namely in Hollywood.app/Contents/Resources. When distributing a compiled Hollywood program, plugins required by your program must simply be put into the same directory as your program. On AmigaOS and compatible systems, plugins in a compiled program's directory have a higher priority than those in LIBS:Hollywood. So if a plugin is present in both locations, Hollywood will load the one from the program's directory. When compiling application bundles for macOS, plugins need to be put in the "Resources" directory of the application bundle, i.e. in MyProject.app/Contents/Resources.

Plugins will be loaded automatically by Hollywood on startup. If you do not want this, you can disable automatic loading by renaming the plugin: Plugins whose filename starts with an underscore character ('_') will not be loaded automatically by Hollywood on startup. As an alternative, you can also use the ‘-skipplugins’ console argument to tell Hollywood to skip automatic loading of certain plugins. Plugins which have not been loaded at startup, can be loaded later by using the @REQUIRE preprocessor command or the LoadPlugin() function.

The Android version of Hollywood also supports Hollywood plugins. You have to copy them to the directory Hollywood/Plugins on your SD card. Hollywood will scan this location on every startup and load all plugins from there. If you want to compile your own plugins, make sure that you compile in thumb mode.

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