hw_FOpenExt -- open a file (V6.0)
APTR handle = hw_FOpenExt(STRPTR name, int mode, struct hwTagList *tags);
This function does the same as hw_FOpen() but accepts an additional tag list that can be used to specify additional parameters for the open operation. The following tags are currently recognized:

This tag allows you to specify one or more file adapters that should be used to open the file. The pData member of this tag must be set to a string containing the name of at least one file adapter or a special keyword (see the Hollywood documentation for more information). Multiple names or keywords must be separated by the vertical bar character (|). If this tag is set, hw_FOpenExt() will fail in case the specified file adapter refuses to open the file.

This tag allows you to pass user tags to the file adapter. If you want to do that, set the pData member of the tag to a struct hwUserTagList containing a list of user tags to pass to file adapters. User tags are a way of passing additional information from Hollywood scripts to plugin functions. See User tags for details. (V10.0)

See hw_FOpen for a detailed description of the other parameters.

This function is thread-safe.

Designer compatibility
Supported since Designer 5.0

file to open
desired access mode (see above)
tag list containing additional options (see above)
handle to refer to this file later or NULL on error

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