3.5 Linking files

Keep in mind that all files declared in the preprocessor commands are linked automatically into your applet or executable when Hollywood is in compile mode. Thus, if you do something like the following, not only testpicture.jpg but the whole RAR archive test.rar will be linked to your applet or executable:

@BRUSH 1, "test.rar/testpicture.jpg"

If you don't want that, you can set the optional Link to False. If Link is set to False, Hollywood won't link the specified file to your applet or executable. This means, however, that you have to distribute test.rar with your applet or executable so that the data can be loaded from it. Here's how to disable linking:

@BRUSH 1, "test.rar/testpicture.jpg", {Link = False}

When done like this, Hollywood will never link the file into your applet or executable. Instead, it will always be loaded from the specified file.

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