8.1 Localizing

Hollywood Designer projects can easily be translated into new languages. This is possible because many Designer objects can have different states depending on which language is currently active. For example, text objects can use a different text for each language in the project.

To create a new language set, open the project properties dialog, switch to the language tab and click on "Add". You can add as many languages as you like. The newly added language will inherit all its attributes from the currently active language, e.g. text objects of the newly added language will use the text of the currently active language.

The following object types support different language states:

Position, size, and text can be different for each language.

Brush, anim, video
Position, size, and file can be different for each language.

The reason why the position and size attributes are private to each language is that new languages often require slight changes in the layout because some languages have longer words/syntactical structures than other languages. English, for instance, is a pretty concise language, whereas German usually needs more space to express the same meaning. That is why object position and size can be modified individually for each language.

After you have added a new language, you can switch to it by selecting the "Switch language" entry from the menu bar. After you have switched to the new language, you can then translate all of its text objects into the new language.

If you have a very large project with hundreds of text objects, it might be faster to use the "Export language" menu to export all text objects into an external text file which you can then edit using your favorite text editor. After you have translated all texts, you can import them back into Designer using the "Import language" menu. WARNING: You must not change anything in your project if you take this route! When you use "Import language" your Designer project must be in exactly the same state as when it was when you used "Export language". Otherwise text objects might end up in the wrong place! Be very careful with this feature and always make backups of your projects before saving anything after such a huge transformation!

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