10.3 Delay options for pages

Every page can have a delay option. If a page has a delay option set, a timer icon will appear next to it in the page manager dialog. You can choose between the following delay options:

No wait
Page doesn't have any delay option.

Wait milliseconds
If you choose this delay option, you will have to enter the time to wait in der numeric widget below. The time must be entered in milliseconds. 1000 milliseconds equal one second.

Wait presenter
Wait until the user presses the forward key defined in the project properties. By default, the down cursor and page down keys are used as forward keys. See Project properties dialog for details.

Wait left mouse
Wait for left mouse button

Wait right mouse
Wait for right mouse button

Wait space key
Wait for space key

Sync with timeline
If you choose this option, the page will be shown once the time in milliseconds that you enter in the widget below has elapsed on the global timeline. See the chapter on Creating a timeline for more information.

You can also configure when the delay should be executed. The following modes are available here:

Before showing page
The delay will be executed before showing the page.

After showing page
The delay will be executed after showing the page.

Before showing next page
The delay will be executed before showing the next page.

If you tick the "Start timeline on this page" checkbox, the global timeline will be reset to 0 whenever Designer reaches this page. See Timelines for details.

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