5.7 User settings

Hollywood Designer projects can remember certain user preferences when they are closed and restarted again. For example, it is possible to remember the user's language, the window's position and size, the contents of editable text objects and more.

Obviously, in order to remember these settings, Hollywood Designer needs to store them somewhere in files on the user's system. You can specify those files in the project properties dialog. Normally, however, you should not manually specify certain files to save those settings in here, but you should select "Use preferences" instead. In that case, Hollywood Designer will conveniently store all user settings using Hollywood's preferences management and you do not have to care about anything. All that you have to do is assign a unique project identifier to your project in the project properties dialog. This must be unique for each Hollywood Designer project and it must a string in reverse DNS notation, e.g. "com.airsoftsoftwair.test".

To clear all user-specific settings from the current system, you have to press the "Delete project user data" button on the "General" page of the project properties dialog. See Project properties dialog for details.

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