nurb:BeginSurface -- mark the beginning of a NURBS surface definition
Use nurb:BeginSurface() to mark the beginning of a NURBS surface definition. After calling nurb:BeginSurface(), make one or more calls to nurb:Surface() to define the attributes of the surface. Exactly one of these calls to nurb:Surface() must have a surface type of #GLU_MAP2_VERTEX_3 or #GLU_MAP2_VERTEX_4. To mark the end of the NURBS surface definition, call nurb:EndSurface().

Trimming of NURBS surfaces is supported with nurb:BeginTrim(), nurb:PwlCurve(), nurb:Curve(), and nurb:EndTrim(). See nurb:BeginTrim for details.

GL evaluators are used to render the NURBS surface as a set of polygons. Evaluator state is preserved during rendering with gl.PushAttrib() (#GLU_EVAL_BIT) and gl.PopAttrib(). See gl.PushAttrib for details on exactly what state these calls preserve.

Please consult an OpenGL reference manual for more information.


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