5.6 Action object dialog

This dialog allows you to configure action objects. You can add one or more of the inbuilt action events to your action object. Hollywood Designer will run the individual action events in the order that you define in this dialog (starting from the top).

Additionally, the following options are available in this dialog:

Ignore presenter keys
If this is activated, it won't be possible to cycle through the individual action events by using the forward/backward presenter keys defined in the project properties dialog. This can be useful when using action objects that run asynchronously in the background so it would be weird if they responded to forward/backward keys.

Disable auto-throttling
If this option is activated, Designer won't throttle the execution of action events to prevent CPU hogging. This will execute the action events as fast as the CPU allows but only use this if you know what you're doing because it can easily lead to 100% CPU usage. If you use this option, you might also want to use the Wait vertical refresh action event in that case so that the CPU usage doesn't go to 100% in case your action object loops its events. If the "Disable auto-throttling" option isn't activated, Designer will wait for the vertical refresh after each single event in the action object which makes execution slower but normally you won't notice this because action events don't contain any major amount of instructions.

Run action events asynchronously
If you select this option, all action events will be ran asynchronously. This means that Hollywood Designer will immediately proceed to the next object in the object manager while the action events of the current action object are executed in the background.

Passive mode
If you select this option, Hollywood Designer will not run this action object automatically. Instead, you have to start it manually using the Start action event.

Loop action events
You can use this option to make your action events loop the specified number of times. The special value "0" will loop the action events infinitely.

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