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The Hollywood Designer is an add-on for Hollywood that can be used to create Hollywood scripts using a convenient WYSIWYG GUI. It is perfect for everyone who wants to use Hollywood but doesn't want to write code. Hollywood Designer features a slide-based user interface which makes it especially useful for creating presentations, but of course it can also be used to create games and applications. All projects created with Hollywood Designer can be instantly compiled into fully stand-alone executables for every platform architecture supported by Hollywood. Additionally, projects can also be exported as AVI video streams.

Hollywood Designer has everything you would expect from a modern multimedia presentation software. Nevertheless, here are some of its features:

  • Popular slide-based GUI concept for fast results
  • Many ready-to-use auto forms (arrows, bubbles, stars, bang, etc.)
  • Images, animations, and videos can be easily embedded
  • User-interactive presentations and kiosk systems can be easily created
  • Choose from over 150 transition effects
  • Sound and music can be played during presentation
  • Projects can be exported as stand-alone executables for many platforms
  • All data files incl. fonts can be compiled into executables
  • Anti-aliasing support for vector forms and text
  • Objects can be freely rotated and transformed
  • Different fill styles for vector forms (gradient, texture, etc.)
  • Over 20 filter effects like blur, sharpen, etc. for every layer
  • Support for images using alpha-channel transparency
  • Fully WYSIWYG compliant user interface
  • Projects can be saved as AVI videos
  • Global timeline for perfect synchronization
  • Thumbnail view of all slides
  • Over 50 action events to program your project
  • Multiple languages can be used in a single project
  • State-of-the-art GUI with many colorful icons
  • Extensive online help

The Hollywood Designer is currently only available for Amiga compatible systems. Executables for Windows, macOS, and Linux can be compiled just fine with the Amiga version of Hollywood Designer, though.

Embed videos
Use filters
Transition effects
Compile programs
Action events
Auto forms
Slide shows
Multi-user support

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