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Hollywood comes with an extensive documentation of its language and command set in various formats (HTML, CHM, PDF, AmigaGuide). The documentation is also available as an online reference here on this site.

  • Hollywood 10.0 documentation (html | pdf)
  • Hollywood SDK 10.0 documentation (html | pdf)
  • Hollywood Designer 6.0 documentation (html | pdf)


  • GL Galore 1.1 documentation (html | pdf)
  • hURL 2.0 documentation (html | pdf)
  • Malibu 1.4 documentation (html | pdf)
  • MUI Royale 1.7 documentation (html | pdf)
  • Pangomonium 1.0 documentation (html | pdf)
  • Plananarama 2.2 documentation (html | pdf)
  • Polybios 1.3 documentation (html | pdf)
  • RapaGUI 2.1 documentation (html | pdf)
  • RebelSDL 1.1 documentation (html | pdf)
  • XAD 1.0 documentation (html | pdf)
  • XLSX 1.0 documentation (html | pdf)
  • XML 2.0 documentation (html | pdf)
  • ZIP 2.0 documentation (html | pdf)


Hollywood is used by talented programmers all around the globe. To get in touch with other Hollywood programmers just visit the official Hollywood forums.

Official Hollywood forums


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