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Thank you for your interest in our software! You can order Hollywood, Hollywood Designer, the Hollywood APK Compiler, and Remedios using the form below.

For all our software you can choose between a download version and a version on CD. Both versions are identical, but keep in mind that customs duty can apply if the CD version is shipped to an address outside the European Union (all orders are shipped from Germany). You can place your order below. All orders are handled manually, so please allow some hours (max. 24 hours) for the delivery of the download versions.

Payment can be made via PayPal (recommended) or you can transfer it directly to our bank account. Prices are exempt from VAT in accordance with 19 (1) UStG. In case of a delivery of physical media, shipping costs apply. If you order download versions instead, no shipping or handling costs apply. Read our cancellation policy.

To place an order, please fill out the following order form. Thank you for your purchase!

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Please enter the number of units per product you want to order. The price per unit is listed in brackets. Please note that the products are billed in euros. Also, keep in mind that Hollywood Designer and the Hollywood APK Compiler both require Hollywood 9.0. They do not work without it.

Hollywood 9.0 for Amiga, Windows, macOS, and Linux (99 euros 79 euros - special offer!) 
Hollywood 9.0 Upgrade for Amiga, Windows, macOS, and Linux (49 euros) 
Hollywood 9.0 Upgrade for Amiga (39 euros) 
Hollywood 9.0 Upgrade for Linux (39 euros) 
Hollywood 9.0 Upgrade for macOS (39 euros) 
Hollywood 9.0 Upgrade for Windows (39 euros) 
Hollywood Designer 5.0 for Amiga (69 euros)
Hollywood Designer 5.0 Upgrade from any previous version (49 euros)
Hollywood APK Compiler 4.0 Home Edition (49 euros)
Hollywood APK Compiler 4.0 Professional Edition (79 euros)
Hollywood APK Compiler 4.0 Upgrade Home to Professional Edition (39 euros)
Remedios 1.1 for macOS (49 euros)

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