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  • Very flexible layer-based graphics engine
  • Support for alpha channel graphics
  • Sprites of any size can be used
  • Video playback fully supported
  • Loads real vector image formats like SVG
  • Many graphics primitives supported (ellipses, arcs, lines, rectangles, polygons...)
  • Support for vector-based drawing (Bezier splines...)
  • Optional antialiasing for text and graphics primitives
  • Over 150 transition effects for graphics and text
  • Tons of image processing functions
  • Powerful off-screen rendering functions incl. rendering to masks and alpha channels
  • Extensive clipping support (rectangular and custom-shaped clipping regions)
  • Support for hardware-accelerated double-buffered displays
  • Animation support
  • Graphics can be exported as PNG, or even as AVI video streams
  • Windows can use alpha channel transparency
  • OpenGL 3D programming supported via plugin
  • SDL programming supported via plugin
  • Video streaming supported via a dedicated plugin


  • Extensive text support incl. markup formatting, wordwrapping, and rotation
  • Platform-independent Unicode font engine
  • Bidirectional text and right-to-left layouts supported
  • Color fonts can be used (emojis!)
  • Support for complex scripts
  • PDF import and export supported
  • LaTeX supported via a dedicated plugin
  • Pango support via plugin


  • Multichannel sound interface
  • Support for samples and sound streams
  • Protracker modules can be played
  • Volume and pitch of samples can be changed during playback
  • Multichannel mixer for manipulating samples
  • Dynamically generated sound can be sent to the audio device
  • Audio streaming supported via a dedicated plugin


  • Native GUI development supported via the RapaGUI plugin
  • Create native GUIs for Windows, Linux (GTK), macOS, Android and AmigaOS (MUI)
  • GUIs are conveniently layouted using XML files
  • Support for over 40 different widgets
  • Full flexibility because Hollywood displays can be embedded in native GUIs
  • Completely platform-independent GUI development - use the same code on every platform!


  • Full Internet and network support
  • Create server and client connections
  • Transfer data using a wide variety of protocols like HTTP, FTP and SCP
  • Serial I/O support through RS/232 or USB adapters
  • IPC support for communicating with other programs
  • IPv4 and IPv6 interfaces supported
  • Full SSL/TLS support
  • curl support via plugin


  • Powerful yet extremely easy to use programming language
  • Cross-platform compiler that supports Amiga compatibles, Windows, macOS, and Linux
  • Android and iOS support via the freely available Hollywood Player
  • APKs can be generated via the optionally available APK Compiler
  • Executables compiled by Hollywood do not require any additional packages/DLLs (they also run from USB sticks!)
  • All data files (including fonts) can be embedded in a single executable
  • Unicode fully supported
  • Windowed and full screen mode supported
  • Multi-monitor support
  • Sandbox container: programs can never crash
  • Creation of OS menus is supported
  • Event-based programming model guarantees moderate CPU usage
  • Low latency interval and timer functions
  • Extensive DOS library to work with the file system
  • Support for ZIP and other archivers
  • Convenient access to clipboard
  • Access to system dialogs (file chooser, string prompt, etc.)
  • Drag'n'drop support
  • Database management via SQL supported
  • Comprehensive string and math library
  • Mouse cursor can be easily replaced with a custom cursor
  • Convenient data serialization to and from JSON and XML
  • Date and time functions
  • Easy internationalization of programs via catalog system
  • Joystick support


  • Extremely powerful, cross-platform plugin system
  • Publicly available SDK with over 400 pages of documentation and example code
  • Default display driver is completely retargetable through entirely different subsystems (e.g. OpenGL, SDL, ...)
  • Default audio driver is completely retargetable through entirely different subsystems
  • Plugins can add loaders and savers for additional image, animation, sound, and video formats
  • Text engine can be extended via plugins
  • All file I/O can be rerouted through customized handlers
  • Hollywood's language command set can be extended via plugins

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